Kenille | Voices from the Buses

Kenille an African-American young service worker: Speaks about the need for sustaining rapid bus service and the cumulative impacts of past service cuts. [English]

Transcription of Interview:

Kenille: The 757? If they eliminate this I will be in trouble!

Interviewer: How so?

Kenille: Because it will take me ten times longer to get home. It will take me way longer, way longer. It will take me way longer.

Interviewer: Do you work on the weekends?

Kenille: I work on the week days and the weekends.

Interviewer: Cutting weekend service will affect you also?

Kenille: That will take me longer to get to work, you know? Say if I get to work at 2:30, then since they cut this bus I will have to get on the 207 right? And I will have get up an hour earlier or something, and that is taking time from doing other things, you know?

Interviewer: There are approximately 9 buses that the MTA is getting ready to eliminate. Overall do you think this will make service better? They are saying that this is all duplication of service. That this is going to make things better--

Kenille: I don't think it will make it better because I take the Manchester bus--what's that? the 115-- and since they just stopped the rapid it takes me like-man--like an hour from the time I usually get back home because there are so many people getting on and sometimes the bus doesn't even stop and it just keeps going. You know? Because there are so many people on and sometimes it gets dangerous having that many people on. So since they cut the rapid it affects so many people because the rapid was bigger and it comes faster.

Interviewer: So you catch the 115 at which stop?

Kenille: I catch that at Manchester and Western. So I catch this [757] and I take it to there [115] so that'll be real bad.