BRU Announces the Hunger Fast for Justice to MTA

On May 19th in front of the MTA Budget Committee, Esperanza Martinez, lead organizer for the Bus Riders Union,  announced the beginning of the Hunger Fast for Justice.  The Bus Riders Union, wanting to graphically illustrate the true cost of the MTA's fare increase will begin a hunger fast on May 20th.

As Esperanza said, "This fare increase isn't happening in a vacuum". While the mostly black and brown riders of Los Angeles struggle with a city unemployment rate of 13.2%, rent increases and mounting cuts to social service programs, the MTA proposes to raise the fares 20% taking a monthly bus pass from 62 dollars a month to 75 dollars.

The fare increase proposed by the board will cause low-income people to make some hard choices. The Bus Riders Union wants to bring that in to focus by this Hunger Fast for Justice.

Join us at the BRU encampment at Los Angeles and Alameda across from Union Station. Support the strikers and send a clear message to the MTA Board to:

"Stop the Racist Fare Increase!"