Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Clean Buses Campaign

The Food Sovereignty Movement in Venezuela | Food Freedom

Food sovereignty is a relatively new concept, originally coined and defined by the international peasant movement, Via Campesina, in 1993.

Set-backs to Full Recovery: Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina

Five years after Hurricane Katrina and six months after the BP oil spill along the Gulf Coast, residents of New Orleans still have not been able to return home. The fishing economy that many depended on for a livelihood has flatlined and homes and schools have not been rebuilt. Watch these two videos that include personal accounts of those affected by these two disasters to understand how these communities continue to be ignored by the federal government.

Rally to Kick Coal and Oil OUT OF LA!

On 10/10/10 join the fight against the oil and coal industry in Los Angeles! L.A. has one of the largest collections of oil refineries in the state,
dumping loads of pollution into our air. It’s time to change all this, by getting fossil fuels out of our local energy mix! We don’t want
to power our homes with coal-fired electricity. Meet at City Hall to rally with community members and groups from all over L.A. and then march through the city for CicLAvia!

Grab a costume and come to the Clean Air Campaign Halloween Fundraiser Party!

We're planning a night of dancing, costumes and fun to fundraise for the Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Clean Buses Campaign. Come to the First Unitarian Church of LA on Friday, October 29 at 7 pm to support our campaign to improve public transit and create healthier communities!

Clean Air Campaign Brochure

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Aug 13 2010











Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming is the rising of the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans due to the last 190 years of intense human fossil fuel energy use and deforestation.

Toxic Tailpipe Facts

source:US EPA

What is Environmental Justice?

Environmental Justice (EJ) refers to the basic human right to safe and clean environment of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income.


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