Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Clean Buses Campaign

Bus Riders Union's Pollution Watch Series

Breathing in LA's lethal air has serious public health consequences but knowing where and how these chemicals impact our health is an important step to understanding the problem.

Pollution Watch Series #0: What Do You and Your Family Breathe Everyday?

This flyer shows what auto-source toxins Los Angeles residents are breathing in daily.

Pollution Watch Series #1: Which MTA Rapid Bus Lines Help Your Family’s Health? …And Which Ones DON’T?

New MTA Rapid Bus lines could have a big impact on public health in
urban communities of color.

Pollution Watch Series #2: Fight for Your Children and Grandchildren’s Lungs

Children in LA, 80% of whom are Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacifi c Islander, breathe more air toxins in the fi rst two months of life than is recommended in a lifetime. This is partly due to the thousands of diesel trucks and buses that emit toxic chemicals into the air.

Pollution Watch Series #3: Did You Know that LA’s Car Addiction Could Stop Your Heart from Beating?

The American Heart
Association says that people with heart failure and chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease are at increased risk of death when they are exposed
to air pollution.

Pollution Watch Series #4: MTA’s Fare Hike Leaving You With No Room to Breathe

The MTA's proposal for fare hike can increase LA's air pollution by
potentially putting an estimated 1 billion more car miles on the road in
the next 5 years.

Pollution Watch Series #6: We Never Stop Breathing LA's Lethal Air

Los Angeles ranks #1 in the nation for daily emissions of Nitrogen
oxides (NOx) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)s from auto.

Pollution Watch Series #7: Bus-Only Lanes Cleaning the Air

With over 7 million automobiles running through it, Los Angeles
continues to rank number one as the city with worst air in the nation.

Pollution Watch Series #8: Benzene: One More Reason for Joining the Fight to Reduce Autos in Los Angeles

BENZENE is one more reason for joining the fight to reduce auto in Los

Breakthroughs in New York--Times Square car-free, Bus Rapid Transit

Streetsblog has been highlighting exciting innovations in New York City that parallel our Clean Air efforts in L.A.: bus-only lanes, bus-centered transit and a car-free Times Square! It's exciting to see these projects developing simultaneously across the country.