In LA Times, HuffPo, Colorlines, LAPD "Truancy" Ticketing Victory Reaches City Hall, Cardenas Responds

As news of our "truancy" ticket victory rolled through local and national media. the Community Rights Campaign carried the momentum of our coalition into City Hall on Monday, where Councilmember Cardenas presided over an unprecedented meeting where community voices were heard, and councilmembers were moved.

LA Times covers Community Rights Campaign's newest victory

"The Los Angeles Police Department has agreed to avoid ticketing tardy students who are on their way to school, lawyers and advocates for students announced Thursday."

When you're late to school...does it matter what color you are?

Publication/Circulation Date: 
Apr 14 2011

When you're late to school...does it matter what color you are?

Key documents and letters: The Public Counsel submits campaign's recommendations for drastic changes to truancy laws (Sept 2010)

"Alarmingly, the data we have reviewed to date shows that enforcement of the daytime curfew law is in targeted areas with underresourced schools and communities, resulting in disproportionate police and court contact, curfew tickets, and fines for low-income students and families of color."

Key documents and letters: CRC writes to LAUSD to provide feedback on the hiring of a new Chief of LASPD (Sept 2010)

"The Community Rights Campaign is writing to express concerns regarding the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) hiring process for a new Chief of the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) and important unresolved issues relating to police misconduct and accountability on school campuses."

Key documents and letters: CRC writes to the LA City Council requesting a study of truancy ticketing policy (Jun 2010)

"The Campaign’s preliminary analyses of the data indicates that the law is not being enforced impartially - in poor and wealthy communities alike, for public and private school students citywide, and to White, Black and Latino students without bias."

Key documents and letters: CRC and its allies write to LA school officials to stop improper truancy ticketing (Mar 2010)

"Under the current practice, students who are actually attempting to get to school have and will continue to be disproportionately receiving truancy tickets. It is not a crime to be late to school."

Key documents and letters: Superintendent Ramon Cortines responds to the CRC's concerns over truancy ticketing (Sept 2010)

"Starting in January 2010, Interim Chief Michael Bowman began participating in meetings with your group and has since agreed that the LASPD would no longer use the California Education Code to write students tickets for Habitual Truancy."