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The 20-year fight against transit racism in LA

Bus Riders Union Mission Statement

Bus Riders Union Mission

Join us at LA City Hall rally to launch national campaign: Mr President, Enforce, Restore, Expand Our Civil Rights!

In the tradition of Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders, LA's buses are once again a frontline battleground for the future of civil rights. On July 25, 11am at City Hall, the Bus Riders Union is launching a national campaign calling on President Obama to stand for the civil rights of Black and Latino transit riders in Los Angeles by restoring one million hours of bus service in LA and restoring the public's right to sue for civil rights.

LA City Hall Rally to Launch National Campaign--Mr. President: Enforce, Restore, Expand our Civil Rights!

Mass rally backed by region-wide coalition 

July 25 @ 11AM at LA City Hall



Urge White House to Reverse Federal Transit Administration Decision and Restore One Million Hours of Lost Service to Los Angeles Bus Riders

UPDATED! FTA ruling is out on LA Metro civil rights violations--we're calling on Obama to intervene, reverse MTA service cuts

The Bus Riders Union and civil rights groups on Tuesday held a press conference to sharply denounce the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) failure to find Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) in violation of federal civil rights laws, and failure to restore 1 million hours of previously cut service. Despite overwhelming evidence showing that the agency knowingly discriminated against bus riders of color when approving the elimination of nearly one million hours of bus service between 2007 and 2011, the FTA issued a ruling with stern words but no remedies. Transit riders are urging President Obama to intervene, calling it a test of his administration's commitment to civil rights.


Urgent Action: Tell FTA not to backpedal on civil rights!

Please click here to send an email today to FTA Chief Peter Rogoff urging his agency not to backpedal on civil rights. The Bus Riders Union learned yesterday that the Federal Transit Administration appears poised to play along with Metro’s effort to whitewash the evidence of racial discrimination in years of bus service cuts. We must send a strong message to FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff that those who stand for civil rights around the country  won’t stand for this.