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Send an Email to President Obama asking: Mr President, Restore, Enforce Expand our Civil Rights!

We want to send a message to the President asking him to intervene and
send a strong message to LA Metro and all federally funded agencies
about the importance of Civil Rights. We are gathering with Bus Riders Union friends and allies all over the country to send an email to President Obama. He needs to hear from you.


Ok, ya le Pidió al Presidente Obama, ahora MUESTRELE….

Ok, ya lepidió al Presidente Obama, ahora MUESTRELE....

Campaign Endorsers

Endorsers of the "Mr. President, Enforce, Restore, Expand Our Civil Rights" Campaign:

LA Times and National Journal: Bus Riders Union calls on Obama to restore service hours in LA

LA Times story leads wide media coverage of the July 25 launch rally for the BRU's "Mr. President, Enforce, Restore, Expand Our Civil Rights" campaign. Media recap here. 

Mr. President: Enforce, Restore, Expand our Civil Rights!

Following the breakthroughs of DREAM Act students and the LGBTQ rights movement in moving President Obama to take strong stands for civil rights in an election year, the Bus Riders Union is launching a national campaign calling on President Obama to stand for the civil rights of Black and Latino transit riders in Los Angeles.

Hundreds rally as BRU & regional coalition launch “Mr. President, Enforce, Restore, Expand Our Civil Rights!" campaign

Joined by 30 organizations from across LA, the BRU launched a national campaign with a rally calling on President Obama to enforce civil rights law and order the restoration of one million hours of bus service in LA. The campaign's public challenge to Obama and Mayor Villaraigosa was to side with a pro-civil rights, working class, environmental justice, bus-centered transit vision over a corporatist, gentrifying rail-centered vision of LA.  

Get involved

Here's how you can support the campaign: