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LAT: Tens of thousands protest conditions in Brazil

As Brazil has tried to ready itself for several world class events including next year's World Cup and hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the country has been rattled by a wave of protests. The original protests were sparked by increases in bus fares, but as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters, tens of thousands have taken to the streets.

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Fight for the Soul of the Cities

Publication Date: 
Mar 11 2013

The Life of Hugo Chavez and the death of the LA Mayoral Elections

Yesterday, in between yawns and "oh, was there some kind of election in the news that I missed?" 8 candidates ran in the "fight for the soul-less city" mayor race. Meanwhile, on the same day, in Venezuela, a true champion of the people, the amazing Hugo Chavez, died.


On March 5th Vote No on LA's Measure A

On March 5th, LA voters are being asked to pay another regressive sales tax, Measure A, which will generate another $215 million to cover the city's budget deficit

Strategy Center screens film:Long Distance Revolutionary; A Journey with Mumia

The Bus Riders Union and the Community Rights Campaign were able to see an early screening of the new documentary about Mumia Abu-Jamal, an American political prisoner currently serving a life sentence for an alleged murder of a Philadelphia police officer. Incarcerated since 1981, in a trial that was plagued with blatant judicial disregard, Mumia was originally sentenced to death and that was successfully appealed in 2011 and commuted to a life sentence.

LCSC, BRU and CRC Fight for the Soul of the City

Leaders and organizers from the Labor Community Strategy Center, the Bus Riders Union, and the Community Rights Campaign reached out to the 2013 Los Angeles mayoral candidates. The letter outlines a series of priorites for the next mayor and urges the candidates to adopt our Fight for the Soul of the City proposal.

Bus Riders Union welcomes the 2013 Planning Committee

On January 19th, at the Bus Riders Union monthly meeting, an election was held to see which members would serve as part of the 2013 Planning Committee.

Bus Riders Union: Meet the nominees for the 2013 Planning Committee!

It is January, which means that after two months of nominations, it is time to elect the 2013 Bus Riders Union Planning Committee. Made up of 5 volunteer members and 4 staff members, the Planning Committee (PC) is the decision making body for the Bus Riders Union. An introduction to the 10 volunteer members running for PC this year.