Stop the Pre-Prison Tracking of Black and Latino Students

Students, teachers at L.A.'s Roosevelt High Protest Truancy Ticketing Policy

Roosevelt High School Rally: We Want Caps and Gowns, Not Citations and Handcuffs!

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Oct 21 2010
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On Wednesday October 20th, at 7am, outside of Roosevelt High School we held a rally, despite the rain and cold weather, with over 50 students and teachers to mark the frustration we felt at the lack o

Real LASPD reform is now on the table

For the past two months, the proposals in our Solutions for Los Angeles Schools Police Department document have been part of a successful organizing and advocacy effort. We are now in a strong enough position to move them into actual policy changes. Please continue reading to get the details around our School Police reform platform to reverse the impacts of the school-to-prison pipeline! 

One Step Closer Toward Ending Tardy/Truancy Tickets

The Community Rights Campaign, Youth Justice Coalition, and the LA Chapter of Dignity in Schools, secures verbal directive by Interim Chief Mike Bowman on ending the practice of giving out Tardy/Truancy tickets in and around LAUSD schools, under Los Angeles Municipal Code 45.04: Day Time Curfew code.


SYOA Notebook: It is our Duty to Fight for Freedom | August 30, 2010

Lissett Lazo, SYOA Alumni '07 and Community Rights Organizer, reflects on the highlights and breakthroughs of this year's Summer Youth Organizing Academy class. She looks back to her own experience as a SYOA student as a pivotal point in her own growth and transformation as an organizer and young Salvadoreña, Hondureña, Nucaraguense womyn.

Direct Action: Tool for Transforming Society -- SYOA Alumni 2010 Mike Breazell

In our forth annual Summer Youth Organizing Academy, Mike Breazell performs a spoken word piece that takes it back to our "Billons for Buses" Campaign and reaffirms that our fight is not over and nor will we give up what is rightfully ours!

Direct Action: Tool for Transforming Society -- SYOA Alumni 2010 Cinthia Gonzalez

Cithnia Gonzalez performs a spoken word piece, connecting our fight to end the "truancy sweeps" and pre-prisoning of our Black and Latino students at Roosevelt High School with the Chicano Student Walk Outs in 1968 and other oppressed nationality struggles for self-determination and liberation.

Mapping LAMC 45.04 "Truancy Tickets" by Geograhical Area, Race and Gender

The Community Rights Campaign has created a new map to track the geographical areas and the break down of the race and gender composition of students that have received Daytime Curfew "Truancy" Tickets under the Los Angeles Municipal Code 45.04. This map is an important tool in making the legal case that "truancy" tickets violate the civil and educational rights of the 90% Black and Latino students that attend LAUSD schools....

Movie Screening: 10 Rules for Dealing with Police

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Aug 6 2010 - 6:00pm - Aug 6 2010 - 7:00pm
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