Environmental Justice

Pollution Watch Series #8: Benzene: One More Reason for Joining the Fight to Reduce Autos in Los Angeles

BENZENE is one more reason for joining the fight to reduce auto in Los

MTA let the people speak! Public Hearing NOW!!

The BRU rallies after our Press Conference at MTA Headquarters to demand a stop to MTA's racist fare increase. BRU calls public attention to MTA's staff attempt to silence the public by denying them their rightful opportunity to speak on the impacts that another fare increase will have on the lives of half a million Black, Latino and Asian working class bus riders!

GUEST BLOG: Update from Chicago--senators, doomsday layoffs

In January, the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) of Chicago was proud to take part in the TRPT's National Advocacy Day for Civil Rights. We met with the staff of Senator Durbin and Senator Burris, as well as the staff of Representatives Davis, Gutierrez, Jackson, Jr, Lipinski, and Quigley. Because senators’ number one priority right now is jobs, we stressed...

Statewide Transit Justice Organizing Update

Earlier this month, more than 40 people, representing 16 organizations
from across the state, piled into an AC Transit Bus and rode to
Sacramento to demand that our Legislators stop the fare hikes, service
cuts, and layoffs that have been devastating  California transit
operators and their riders.

Fundraising for the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Campaign

This year we're working on raising $10,000 to build support around the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Campaign which is so close to victory. To kick off our fundraising effort, we had our first event on Saturday January 30th--Clean Air Campaign Yard Sale.

Secretary LaHood and Senator Barbara Boxer in LA to discuss Transportation Bill

US DOT Hearing at MTA on February 19th

As Transportation Reformers continue to wait for the Senate to join the House of
Representatives with a sense of urgency for re-authorizing the federal
transportation spending bill; Senator Barbara Boxer and Transportation
Secretary Ray LaHood will hold a "Town Hall" type meeting at Metro
Headquarters from 9:30 A.M. to 3:45 P.M. 

Climate Justice in Review: Early Lessons Fighting Market Driven Environmentalism

Many of the key lessons of the environmental justice movement from the 80s and 90s fighting market driven policies in local campaigns can illuminate how we can re-shape the discussions around climate solutions in Congress this year.