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Press Release- BRU Complaint on Bus Service Cuts - Spurs Comprehensive Federal Civil Rights Review of the Los Angeles MTA

Breaking News - (Los Angeles, CA, March 14, 2011) - The Federal Transit Administration specified, in a letter in response to the Bus Riders Union (BRU) Administrative Complaint submitted in the fall of 2010, that it "plans on conducting an on-site compliance review of LA MTA this year. The decision to perform this compliance review was based, in part, on your (BRU) complaint submitted to the FTA Office of Civil Rights."

NEW BRU Street Theater Piece to Stop The Bus Service Cuts

Today the BRU Street Theater presented a piece on the impacts of two sets of MTA Bus Service Cuts on bus riders. The piece 'Francisca y la muerte/Death
Searching Francisca' invites you, the spectator to become an actor and call
Sup. Mark-Ridley Thomas asking him to take a stand to stop the

See video here and learn how to take action here


MTA - No Matter How You Spin it, You're Rolling Back Civil Rights

As MTA prepares to cut another set of over 300,000 hours of bus service, the Bus Riders Union has been on the offensive. Read on to see how despite how MTA slices it, their proposed service cuts and recent fare increases are rolling back Civil Rights!

MTA slashing bus service, attacking civil rights of bus riders

Current proposal would eliminate 11 bus lines, truncate or reduce 16 others, and wipe out 5% of total bus system 

The MTA is currently proposing another round of steep cuts to bus serv

LA Times Editorial Slams BOL westside exemption

After a February 2nd vote on Councilmember Rosendahl's motion to study a westide exemption from the Wilshire Bus Only Lane, LA Times writes editorial joins the full Bus-Only lane choir. Read all about it!

Every Bus Stop is a Protest: Stop the Bus Service Cuts Now!

Report on Feb. 1st All Region Hearing on the bus service cuts

Let's be clear: the MTA has declared war on a half million Black, Brown, Asian and working class bus riders.

Just one and a half months after this last round of devastating bus service cuts, the MTA has aimed their battle axe at another 27 lines- 11 being proposed for elimination and another 16 to be reduced...

Battle for full Bus-Only Lanes continues at City Hall

At today's City Council, the 6-year campaign for Wilshire Bus Only Lanes returned to City Hall. We made an excellent showing and came away with a mixed result...

Street Teatro - Star Wars ep I: The Westside Menace

Here's the press release for today's action, "Star Wars Episode I: The Westside Menace" where we re-cast the events surrounding the fate of the Wilshire Bus-Only Lane project to the theme of the forces of Good and Evil in the Star Wars universe. The Bus-Only Lanes Jedi Council, consisting of Bus Riders Union, environmentalists, transportation advocates, and students, held a press conference, action and street theatre this morning in front of the County Supervisors Building...

Is Your Bus Line on the chopping Block?

MTA is Proposing to Cut 13 Bus Lines & Reduce Weekend & Night Service on 16 others!

Rosendahl Continues Action to Remove Westside BOL

Westside bus-only lanes threaten to be cut even more as Bill Rosendahl moves to exempt the 1.8 mile section in Brentwood. Read this LA Streetsblog article outlining the meeting process and the repercussions of this exemption.