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Coalition letter to LA Mayor & MTA on Climate Justice: Expand the Bus System, not the I-710 Freeway

The BRU, Communities for a Better Environment, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, and Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles have sent this letter to Mayor Villaraigosa and the Board of Directors of MTA calling for swift action on climate change. We demand restoration and expansion of bus service and a halt to the multi-billion dollar expansion of the I-710 freeway as two immediate actions that would benefit the health and well-being of LA's low income communities of color while reducing LA's carbon footprint.

Report: Climate Justice from South Africa to LA City Hall

Joining forces with Communities for a Better Environment, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, and Physicians for Social Responsibility-LA, the BRU marched to demand the Mayor and the MTA "Expanding the bus system, not the 710 freeway. Meanwhile, BRU organizer Francisca Porchas is representing Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and Transit Riders for Public Transportation in Durban, building our connections with the international climate justice movement.  

All the rest have 31: How the MTA snuck another fare increase on us

In selling new bus passes that are only good for 30 days, instead of
the old 31 days, MTA has once again limited our mobility and forced us
to pay more for less."With this new policy I can no longer get my child to school on the last day of the month because MTA found a way to make low-income families pay them more money." A single mother speaks out on the impact of the new policy.

TRPT reaffirms and regroups at national gathering

Representatives from 11 leading member organizations of Transit Riders for Public Transportation gathered for 2 retreat-like days in Los Angeles.

BRU in the news: 14 orgs give scathing indictment of MTA

Check out news coverage on the new report co-authored by the BRU and 14 other civil rights, labor, environmental, public health, and housing organizations from around los Angeles. The report Transit Civil Rights & Economic Survival in Los Angeles: A Case for Federal Intervention in LA Metro details the 4 year storm since the end of the consent decree.  LA Opinión, LA Weekly, and Streets Blog report.

In new report, coalition indicts LA County MTA civil rights practices, calls for strong federal intervention

Civil rights, labor, environmental, public health, and housing organizations argue bus service and fare increases result in civil rights harms for transit-dependent people and obstruct economic recovery for low-income transit-dependent Angelenos.

Transit Civil Rights and Economic Survival in Los Angeles

Multi-racial, multi-sector coalition indicts LA Metro for violating civil rights of LA’s transit riders by slashing service and raising fares.

Tea Time with the Bus Riders Union

On Tuesday, October 11th, the Bus Riders Union held its first Tea Time
with Korean elders in two years. Eleven Korean bus riders attended the
Tea Time to listen to a presentation that provided historical and
political context around the Bus Riders Union, and the environmental
justice campaign, Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Clean Buses

Transportation Equity Network Report:The Road to Good Jobs

A report on boosting construction job access through training and apprenticeship programs

Brookline Study: Transit Access and Zero-Vehicle Households

"Zero vehicle households live in neighborhoods well served by bus and rail service..however, that transit service frequently falls short on connecting households to ample job opportunities."

Brookline has created a study based an analysis of data from the American Community Survey and 371 transit providers in the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas.