Mass Transit

Alternet:Transit Justice Providing Service and Shipping out Greenhouse Gases

Alternet takes a look at the Bus Riders Union as part of the series, Facing the Climate Gap , which looks at grassroots efforts in California low-income communities of color to address climate change and promote climate justice.

Media reacts as No On Measure J coalition hits the streets

Media takes notice as a diverse coalition group gathered on the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson to announce our opposition to Measure J.

Bus Riders Union announces new coalition against MTA’s blank check sales tax Measure J

The Bus Riders Union joined forces with community leaders from the Crenshaw district, Beverly Hills, East Los Angeles, Northeast LA, and the San Gabriel Valley to stop Measure J!

BRU and Community Leaders meet to Stop Measure J!

On October 9th, Bus Riders Union organizers attended a meeting that gathered community leaders from all over Los Angeles to oppose the passage of Measure J.

Community Forum to Stop Measure J!

This November, Vote NO on Measure J. Profits for the 1% vs Civil Rights and clean air for the People? You decide!

"No on Measure J!" Some facts about the MTA's extension of the Corporate Welfare tax

In November, LA County MTA will ask voters to tax themselves again with a proposal to extend a 1/2 cent sales tax until 2069. In 2009, they raised the sales tax with big promises to improve transit, but in fact what they gave bus riders was a hefty fare increase and major cuts in our bus service.

Transit Riders for Public Transportation: 3 Years in Review

Transit Riders for Public Transportation, founded in Los Angeles in 2009, looks back on 3 years of ground level organizing, advocating, waging anti-racist struggles for the civil and environmental rights of communites of color, transit-dependent people and working class communities.

TRPT: Looking to the Future

As you know, the U.S. Congress recently passed a $120 Billion Federal Surface Transportation Act after years of struggle over its content. TRPT sees an important struggle ahead over the future of mass transit.

Join us at LA City Hall rally to launch national campaign: Mr President, Enforce, Restore, Expand Our Civil Rights!

In the tradition of Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders, LA's buses are once again a frontline battleground for the future of civil rights. On July 25, 11am at City Hall, the Bus Riders Union is launching a national campaign calling on President Obama to stand for the civil rights of Black and Latino transit riders in Los Angeles by restoring one million hours of bus service in LA and restoring the public's right to sue for civil rights.

NEPA concerns with HR 4348 and S1813

As the House and Senate go to conference committee for the newest Federal Surface Re-authorization, their have arisen environmental concerns. The proposed Federal Surface Re-authorization bill has proposed
streamlining of environmental processes in order to accelerate project
implementation. In this report the breakdown of the proposed
streamlining for both the House bill, HR 4348 and the Senate bill, S1813
are broken down and explained.