Civil Rights

People's Poetry 2011 | Image Slideshow

On February 26th, the Community Rights Campaign brought out over 200 people to attend our third People's Poetry Fundraiser Night with a special theme this year -- Stand Up Fight Back, Justice for Jeremy Marks!

The Chevron Saga in Ecuador Halted for Now

Chevron continues to get away with large-scale environmental pollution in Ecuador as a U.S. judge has just granted a halt in the enforcement of a $18 billion judgement with complete evidence to back-up. This has been an 18-year battle to receive justice for the environmental crimes of this oil corporation.

President Obama's National Youth Summit Opening

Summer Youth Organizing Academy (SYOA) graduate and Roosevelet Hight School Taking Action student leader, Cinthia Gonzalez, is featured in this short video highlighting the discussions of Los Angeles youth regarding the state of public education at President Obama's National Youth Summit Opening.
Cinthia calls for the protection of student services and resources and
the reduction of funds used for zero tolerance policies and policing of
Black and Latino youth.

Reports: LASPD Accused of Profiling, Sexual Harassment, Excessive Force

School Cops 'Out of Control'

NEW BRU Street Theater Piece to Stop The Bus Service Cuts

Today the BRU Street Theater presented a piece on the impacts of two sets of MTA Bus Service Cuts on bus riders. The piece 'Francisca y la muerte/Death
Searching Francisca' invites you, the spectator to become an actor and call
Sup. Mark-Ridley Thomas asking him to take a stand to stop the

See video here and learn how to take action here


MTA - No Matter How You Spin it, You're Rolling Back Civil Rights

As MTA prepares to cut another set of over 300,000 hours of bus service, the Bus Riders Union has been on the offensive. Read on to see how despite how MTA slices it, their proposed service cuts and recent fare increases are rolling back Civil Rights!

MTA slashing bus service, attacking civil rights of bus riders

Current proposal would eliminate 11 bus lines, truncate or reduce 16 others, and wipe out 5% of total bus system 

The MTA is currently proposing another round of steep cuts to bus serv

How 2 minutes can change your entire life | An Intimate Portrayal of a Black Mother's Fight to Save her Son

Let me share with you a story of a courageous and fierce Black mother. Her persistence to have her children do more than merely "survive" or "make it" and commitment to justice took her on a truly transformative journey that has inspired us all.

Kat Rodriguez: Challenging the "Birth-Right Citizenship" bill and the latest attacks on immigrants in Arizona

An organizer with the Coalición de Derechos Humanos in Tucson discusses the latest round of attacks on immigrants in Arizona, including a proposal to deny birthright citizenship to US-born children from undocumented immigrant families and another proposal to exempt Arizona from compliance with any international laws.

John Malpede and Ronnie Walker: Los Angeles Poverty Department's new play exposes the costs of California's prisons

The founding director and one of the leading players in a Skid Row-based group Los Angeles Poverty Department discuss their new play State of Incareration.