Civil Rights

U.S. mass transit use increases in 2008

U.S. mass transit use increases in 2008

BRU Unveils Clean Air and Climate Justice Plan for Measure R

The Bus Riders Union will be holding a press conference on the northeast corner of Wilshire and Western to urge the MTA Board of Directors to support the Bus Riders Union Clean Air and Economic Justice Plan.  The MTA Board will be discussing and potentially approving a bus improvement plan at the March 26th MTA Board meeting.  As a response to the Bus Riders Union, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa opened a process ....

Clean Air and Economic Justice Plan for Measure R


Stimulus Package Lands at MTA

At today's MTA monthly board meeting, BRU organizers and members began struggling with the MTA over how it will use Obama Stimulus funds.

The good, the bad

Black History Month film showing

40 members watched and discussed the documentary Negros with Guns

Winning Lessons from A Civil Rights Battle--MTA Board Rejects Service Cuts

We are very pleased to announce that yesterday, April 24th, 2008, the MTA Board of Directors unanimously rejected a series of proposed service cuts to local bus service which threatened the mobility of thousands of bus riders. This important victory comes after 3 months of intense organizing by our members, organizers, bus riders and allies. There are many lessons to be learned from this campaign....

Meet Natasha and Julio—Newly Elected to BRU Planning Committee

Held at our January monthly meeting, this year’s annual Planning
Committee elections were a window into how members become leaders. This year, two Bus Riders Union members have been elected for their
first terms on the Planning Committee. Each represents major age groups
and regions of L.A.’s bus ridership.  Natasha is a mother of 4 boys who
lives in South LA and Julio is a 21-year old student from the San
Fernando Valley.  In their speeches, you can hear....

Stop the Bipartisan Police/Prison Budget Shell Game

We Need 1,000 More Teachers, 1,000 Less Prison Guard. 1,000 More Buses, 1,000 Less Police!

BRU calls on Mayor to Make Bus Improvements

BRU demands 500 more buses, bus only lanes, lower fares, no service cuts