Civil Rights

UPDATED! FTA ruling is out on LA Metro civil rights violations--we're calling on Obama to intervene, reverse MTA service cuts

The Bus Riders Union and civil rights groups on Tuesday held a press conference to sharply denounce the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) failure to find Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) in violation of federal civil rights laws, and failure to restore 1 million hours of previously cut service. Despite overwhelming evidence showing that the agency knowingly discriminated against bus riders of color when approving the elimination of nearly one million hours of bus service between 2007 and 2011, the FTA issued a ruling with stern words but no remedies. Transit riders are urging President Obama to intervene, calling it a test of his administration's commitment to civil rights.


Urgent Action: Tell FTA not to backpedal on civil rights!

Please click here to send an email today to FTA Chief Peter Rogoff urging his agency not to backpedal on civil rights. The Bus Riders Union learned yesterday that the Federal Transit Administration appears poised to play along with Metro’s effort to whitewash the evidence of racial discrimination in years of bus service cuts. We must send a strong message to FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff that those who stand for civil rights around the country  won’t stand for this.

Truancy ticket fight resonates with local and national black press

Black columnists speak out about the increasingly obvious correlation between racial politics and school discipline. The issue of truancy tickets and harsh school polices has grown into a national educational crisis.

Making history: CRC's 14-0 victory at City Hall to roll back the truancy ticketing law LAMC 45.04

In a letter from the CRC steering committee, we reflect on the meaning of our victory at City Hall last week, a 14-0 vote to roll back truancy ticketing and school policing under LAMC 45.04, the Daytime Curfew Law.  Civil rights, our generation's fight against separate and unequal education, and the role of organizing...

In-depth investigative reporting on HuffPo: "LA Moves Haltingly Toward Ending Fines for Truancy"

In an in-depth story on the Huffington Post, investigative reporter Susan Ferriss (iWatch News) delves into two students' harsh treatment by police in Nov, raising questions as to whether new guidelines issued last year by LAPD and LASPD to curb truancy and tardy policing are working.

Sign our petition to tell City Hall you support rolling back truancy ticketing!

City Hall will vote next week on whether or not to roll back the infamous truancy law (LAMC 45.04). We are asking everyone to sign a petition to the Mayor, City Hall and city leaders to express our support for ending this assault on our most vulnerable students!

ALERT! City council to vote Wed 2/22 to roll back truancy ticketing--we need your support!

We are looking for support on over-turning the punitive truancy practices for LAUSD. Two vital votes will be held this month. The Public Safety Committee on Feb. 13th and the full LA City Council vote on Feb. 15th. We are collecting signatures on petitions and asking for support from students and their families to let our City leaders know where we stand.

ALERT! Tell Congress to Vote NO on House Transportation Bill (HR 7)-- Attack on Public Transit, Civil Rights and Enviro Justice

Word has raced out that House Republicans are moving to eviscerate transit in the federal transportation bill. But there's also a series of provisions in the bill that are aimed at our grassroots communities of color who make up the backbone of transit ridership across the country. They include the elimination of environmental requirements and planning tools that project our rights.

City-wide coalition accuses LA Metro of undermining damning results of federal civil rights audit

A city-wide coalition of civil rights, labor, environmental, immigrant rights, health, and housing organizations will bring their demands to the Board of LA Metro and hold a public conference and rally outside of Metro Headquarters. The Federal Transit Administration's just-released report found Metro guilty of a wide range of civil rights violations and deficiencies and calls into question the legitimacy and legality of policies that punished low income bus riders and bus riders of color - namely repeated cuts in bus service and fare increases.