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Urge Attorney General Jerry Brown NOT to Appeal Federal Court's Order on Prison Overcrowding

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Aug 27 2009 - 10:00am - Aug 27 2009 - 11:00am
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Statewide Alliance urges Jerry Brown NOT to Appeal Court Order to reduce Prison Population

Open Letter to Attorney General Jerry Brown NOT to Appeal Court's Order on Prison Overcrowding

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Aug 25 2009

An Open Letter to Attorney General Jerry Brown Not to Appeal the Federal Court's Order In the Prison Overcrowding Lawsuit

ACT NOW: Urge the Governor to implement court's order on prison overcrowding - deadline Sept 18th!

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Sep 1 2009

File Complaint for School Police Abuse!

If you have experienced conduct or behavior by school police or security that you feel was inappropriate and/or a violation of your civil & human rights, then we urge you to file an official complaint and to let us know so we can help track the complaint.  This is going to help the campaign to restrict the use of force by police and to bring accountability to the police in our schools!

Problems of the Los Angeles Daytime Curfew Law

Why were 12,000 students fined up to $250 each just for being late or away from school in 2008?  We surveyed approximately 1,400 students and parents, held several focus groups, researched the citation process, and consulted with educational justice and civil rights organizations around the country. 

Judges order state to release nearly 43,000 prisoners in next two years | Los Angeles Times

California’s prisons are so overcrowded that the state is violating inmates’ constitutional rights, three federal judges ruled today in a decision imposing a cap on the prison population that will

Costly "Truancy Tickets" Keep LA Students at Home | The LA Progressive

According to the Labor/Community Strategy Center, around 12,000 students were fined in Los Angeles County during 2008.