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Chinyere Garner and Mark-Anthony Johnson | SYOA 2009 Graduation

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Sep 15 2009

We Stand on the Shoulders of Soldiers:

SYOA Alumni 2009 Chinyere Garner and Mark-Anthony Johnson

Through spoken word pieces, each SYOA alumni reenacts a revolutionary

SYOA 2009 Grads | Spoken Word Video to End School Pre-Prison Conditions

On August 29th, 2009 the Community Rights Campaign and its Summer Youth Organizing Academy held our third annual Graduation Celebration at a local community marketplace, Mercado La Paloma.  Through spoken word pieces, each SYOA alumni reenacted a revolutionary activist/organizer from the past that inspires their work today--as they train to be the next generation of civil/human rights organizers with the Community Rights Campaign.

LA Times Op-Ed: The Racism of Marijuana Prohibition

In his Sept 7 OpEd in the LA Times, Steven Gutwillig points out how the cultural mainstreaming of marijuana ignores the "racism of marijuana prohibition."  The Community Rights Campaign applauds Mr. Gutwillig for bringing to light the racist treatment of Black youth by drug laws and enforcement.

LA Weekly Shows LA School Police Department - Community Rights Campaign Calls on the LAUSD Board to Protect Students

The LA Weekly article titled LAUSD's Finest (by Max Taves, September 4th), on the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) reveals what the Community Right Campaign has known from our past 3 years of work-the need to reign in the Department for their neglect of the human rights and personal safety for the 680,000 LAUSD students and everyone in their 710 mile jurisdiction.

Colorlines on CRC: Young, Brown—And Charged With Truancy

The Community Rights Campaign is a feature in the new issue of Colorlines. Specifically, the article features our campaign on the Los Angeles Unified School District to place a moratorium on giving tickets for tardiness and truancies as one important way to challenge the "pre-prison" conditions in LAUSD.

Major Expose of the LA School Police - Read it Now

A major expose of the Los Angeles School Police force is titled LAUSD's Finest: Los Angeles School Police: How an oblivious school board lets a tiny, scandal-ridden force endanger L.A. kids.

LAT | L.A. County jails to begin checking immigration status of inmates

Joan Friedland of the National Immigration Law Center said she is concerned about the racial profiling that occurs before booking.

LAT | California to close its largest juvenile prison --

The Heman G. Stark Youth Correctional Facility in Chino will be converted into an adult prison. The move is part of a plan to 'right-size' staff at the Division of Juvenile Justice.

Community Rights Campaign Highlighted in Our Weekly Article

Following our August 18th "No to Pre-Prisons" press event, on-line journal Our Weekly covered the Community Rights campaign in detail...check it out!