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Community Rights Campaign guest blog by author Annette Fuentes on the August 23rd Truancy Task Force

On August 23rd, the Community Rights Campaign was featured in the newest California Endowment Foundation article written by Annette Fuentes, a journalist and author of the recently published book about punitive school discipline and security policies, "Lockdown High: When the Schoolhouse Becomes a Jailhouse." Ms. Fuentes recounts the testimony of parents, students and school administrators to the Los Angeles County Educational Coordinating Council's Truancy Task Force at a recent Community Hearing hosted by the Community Rights Campaign and presided by Judge Nash of the Juvenile Informal Court.

Students bring demands to the Truancy Task Force

In Los Angeles County, during the years of 2005 to 2009, there were over 47,000 youth cited under the "Daytime Curfew Law" Municipal Code 45.04. 88% of the youth cited were Black and Latino students yet they only made up 74% of the school age population. For the first time, Community Rights brought together students, their families and administrators to hear the private impact of the ongoing criminalization of tardiness and truancy.

Student turned organizer: Reflections on People's Poetry

I was pumped and rejuvenated to see the next generation of warriors stand and fight back for a transformative and revolutionary educational system.

In LA Times, HuffPo, Colorlines, LAPD "Truancy" Ticketing Victory Reaches City Hall, Cardenas Responds

As news of our "truancy" ticket victory rolled through local and national media. the Community Rights Campaign carried the momentum of our coalition into City Hall on Monday, where Councilmember Cardenas presided over an unprecedented meeting where community voices were heard, and councilmembers were moved.

LA Times covers Community Rights Campaign's newest victory

"The Los Angeles Police Department has agreed to avoid ticketing tardy students who are on their way to school, lawyers and advocates for students announced Thursday."

Ticketing Density Maps

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When you're late to school...does it matter what color you are?

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Apr 14 2011

When you're late to school...does it matter what color you are?

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