Community Organizer Exchanges

Know Your Rights on Truancy Tickets

Did you know that you could get a truancy ticket for being just one minute late? Did you know that you could be denied your driver's license if you do not pay the fine? Did you know you can ask for rehearing if you think the referee ruled unfairly?  KNOW YOUR RIGHTS on LA's daytime curfew law...

What I liked this year about Spring Break Take Action

Spring Break Take Action this past week really challenged me-in a good way. SBTA teaches us to communicate to our people that we have a common struggle.

Reflections on Spring Break political education

The discussions in the last few days of Spring Break Take Action have a connection to the topic of Prison Industrial Complex. This is a major issue that needs to be dealt with. Reality is, this is actually something that has a negative affect on many of us, if not directly then indirectly. It affects us in the sense that it can lead to you being separated from family members, like not being able to have a relationship with your own father, mother or any other person.

Thinking about the War on Drugs at SBTA

My name is Jahmal, and today we read and discussed this extremely interesting article on the Drug War by Graham Boyd. This 'war' on drugs is paralleled to America's dark history of slavery, seeing as how the number of black men in jail is equals the number of black men enslaved in the 1820s.

First day on the buses with Spring Break Take Action

Today was the first day we went out on the buses to organize people. Honestly it was very interesting, because it was the first time that I have actually tried it. It was kind of awkward because you're on a bumpy metro bus trying to keep your balance and hand out flyers at the same time, lol! The best conversation I had was with a man who worked for LAUSD, because... well...he works for LAUSD!

My first day at Spring Break Take Action

My name is John Salinas, I am a 9th grader at North Hollywood High School. I have been a member of the BRU for 3 months. What I really liked about my first day in Spring Break Take Action is how easily I spoke out because normally I am a shy person. I usually do not engage in a conversation, I just step back and let other people speak. I'm usually shy because I'm afraid of responding wrong or saying something that I think may not be suitable for the discussion.