Schools, Not Pre-Prisons Campaign

Spring Break Take Action 2009

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May 7 2009

From April 6th-10th, the Labor Community Strategy Center held its third annual Spring Break Take Action volunteer internship where students spent their spring break vacation learning about the history

Get Involved to Stop the Ticketing of Our Youth and School Police Abuse

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May 8 2009

police check students cropped_0.JPGDid you know it is a crime in LA to be late to school and it could cost you

Take action against school police abuse

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May 8 2009

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Know Your Rights on Truancy Tickets

Did you know that you could get a truancy ticket for being just one minute late? Did you know that you could be denied your driver's license if you do not pay the fine? Did you know you can ask for rehearing if you think the referee ruled unfairly?  KNOW YOUR RIGHTS on LA's daytime curfew law...

Punished For Coming To School

On March 10, 2009, I committed my first "crime." That morning I woke up late. I couldn't believe the fact that it was only 8:30, and I was going to school! At that moment, everything hit me. I cried like a kid. I couldn't face it all by myself...don't they realize how much a ticket is affecting not just the student but the family as well?

What I liked this year about Spring Break Take Action

Spring Break Take Action this past week really challenged me-in a good way. SBTA teaches us to communicate to our people that we have a common struggle.

Reflections on Spring Break political education

The discussions in the last few days of Spring Break Take Action have a connection to the topic of Prison Industrial Complex. This is a major issue that needs to be dealt with. Reality is, this is actually something that has a negative affect on many of us, if not directly then indirectly. It affects us in the sense that it can lead to you being separated from family members, like not being able to have a relationship with your own father, mother or any other person.

Spring Break Taking Action 2009

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Apr 10 2009