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Stopping MTA Rush Vote on 2009 Long-Range Plan

Last Tuesday, MTA gave us just two days' notice of a special "workshop" on the 2009 Long-Range Transit Plan.  This "workshop" was actually where they wanted to adopt the 2009 LRTP. The public has not seen a version of the LRTP since 2008! We knew we had to stop this undemocratic, unethical vote.

BRU Helps Halt MTA Approval of Long Range Transportation Plan

Thursday, June
11-The Bus Riders Union (BRU) was successful in halting a Los Angeles County
MTA Board of Directors vote to adopt the 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan
(LRTP), a $270 billion, 35-year blueprint for regional transportation. This
came just 2 days after the MTA notified the public about a scheduled vote at a
Special Board meeting, misleadingly titled a LRTP "workshop." And less than 24
hours after MTA staff made this 60-paged document available for the public to
review. On behalf of MTA Chair Antonio Villaraigosa, Director Richard Katz
asked the Board to hold off on the vote in order to provide the public
sufficient time to review the 2009 LRTP. The Board moved to revisit the 2009
LRTP at the July Board meeting.

Stopping the Vote at the June MTA Board Meeting

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Jun 11 2009

A photo set of BRU members at the MTA meeting on Thursday, June 11th.  

Check out what happened at the No to Pre-Prisons Community Meeting

On April 23rd we held our first community meeting on "truancy" tickets
and school police conduct...find out more and learn how to get

Get Involved to Stop the Ticketing of Our Youth and School Police Abuse

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May 8 2009

police check students cropped_0.JPGDid you know it is a crime in LA to be late to school and it could cost you

Take action against school police abuse

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May 8 2009

Police abuse complaint flyer.jpg

May Day March!

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May 1 2009 - 12:30pm - May 1 2009 - 2:00pm

Join the Bus Riders Union as we march for immigrant rights on May 1, 2009.  We are meeting at 12:30pm at the corner of Olympic and Broadway and will be marching with the Southern California Immigrant