1,000 More Buses, 1,000 Less Police!

Our letter to the MTA re: Subway to the Sea

Here is a letter that Barbara and I at the BRU sent to the MTA last week on October 19th.  We sent this to MTA as part of the formal public comment process on the Westside Subway Extension. Also known as the "subway to the sea," Mayor Villaraigosa's pet boondoggle project could have a $9 billion price tag that could result in massive civil rights violations of bus riders in particular, the potential disparate impact on hundreds of thousands of low income people of color who ride the bus as the sole or primary means of transportation.

TRPT's take on Obama's $50bn "Roads, Railways, and Runways" infrastructure investment plan

Many of us have been carefully watching the administration's moves on infrastructure investment ever since he announced his "Roads, Railways and Runways" plan in September and started talking about a permanent Infrastructure Bank.

Youth Blog Depot: A Call for Justice

In a call for justice over the LAPD shooting of Manuel Jamines, a 38-year-old Guatemalan immigrant worker, the Bus Riders Union attended a peaceful march on Saturday Sept. 18th, 2010 on 6th St and Union. The Bus Riders Union joined the call for Justicia para Manuel...

US Social Forum Spoken Word Piece: Para Los Jovenes In the Struggle

Lissett Lazo, Community Rights Organizer, performs a spoken word piece at the US Social Forum 2010, during our "Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline" workshop with our national allies (Advancement Project, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana, Youth United for Change, and Power U Center). 

Spring Break Take Action: The Building Ground for the Next Civil/Human Rights Organizers

Jeanette Charles, Strategy Center member and co-coordinator of the 2010 Spring Break Take Action, blogs about the most impactful lessons the group experienced and the inspiration she gained witnessing the youth take leaps and bounds in their own organizing skills and expanding their understanding of our histories in this country as...

Larry Aubry & Hamid Khan: What to expect and demand from the new chief at LAPD

The Los Angeles Sentinel columnist and the director of South Asian Network reflect on the appointment of Charlie Beck to replace William Bratton as chief of LAPD. What should communities of color and civil rights activists expect and demand from the new leadership at LAPD?

Voices From the Students: Testimonies on daytime curfew "truancy tickets"

Voices From the Students provides direct testimony from students who have receieved "truancy tickets." The testimonies document the consequences of these tickets and the experiences while receiving them from police officers.

Colorlines on CRC: Young, Brown—And Charged With Truancy

The Community Rights Campaign is a feature in the new issue of Colorlines. Specifically, the article features our campaign on the Los Angeles Unified School District to place a moratorium on giving tickets for tardiness and truancies as one important way to challenge the "pre-prison" conditions in LAUSD.

Urge Attorney General Jerry Brown NOT to Appeal Federal Court's Order on Prison Overcrowding

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Aug 27 2009 - 10:00am - Aug 27 2009 - 11:00am
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Statewide Alliance urges Jerry Brown NOT to Appeal Court Order to reduce Prison Population