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Washington Post "House GOP leaders weigh scaling back highway bill"

In the face of increasing fracturing in their ranks, House Republicans are now considering altering H.R.7, their 5 year Transportation and Infrastructure bill.

Capacity crowd, expert panel unmask transit crisis at Town Hall

With a federal review of MTA's civil rights record still in progress, a standing room only-crowd of over 200 and an all-star panel exposed LA MTA's civil rights crisis at the Transit Justice Town Hall meeting Saturday. Overo 100 bus riders people gave three hours of testimony on the harms caused by deep cuts in bus service, inadequate bus service, increases in fares - all of which will be used for a report on the crisis to be released in September. The event was organized by the Bus Riders Union and sponsored by a city-wide multi-racial coalition of 35 organizations.

Bus Riders Union featured in New York Times

On July 4th, the New York times ran an article highlighting the impacts of service cuts on daily riders. Using the Line 305 as a example, the article tells some of the stories of riders whose line is targeted for elimination.

Pushing back against MTA Service Cuts

We've been gaining a lot of momentum pushing back against the MTA's staff claims that the 305,000 hours of service cuts that they have proposed for June 2011, are to address service duplications, and that these cuts will make the system more "efficient".

People’s Field Hearing Calls on the Federal Government for Action

What: People's Field Hearing

Who: Transit riders, The Bus Riders Union, Transit Riders for Public Transportation national campaign, community allies including unions and community organizations
Where: Wilshire Blvd and Western Ave.

When: Tuesday, February 22 at 10:30 am


TRPT Chicago explores worker transit cooperative to restore local service

Little Village for Environmental Justice starts local fight with a multi-year effort to restore bus service to 31st Street.

The service to this area, which connects transit dependent Latino's, African-Americans, Chinese-Americans,
working class whites, youth, seniors, and people with disabilities to
jobs, schools, hospitals, and recreational areas has become the focus of their fight to restore local bus service. 

Little Village also building an alliance to start a worker managed transit cooperative

Guest Blog from Tri-State Transportation Campaign: Follow the Money

While transportation advocates struggle in Washington to derail the priorities that have shaped transit spending for the last 50 years, it is also important to understand how federal funding is only the first part of the transit pie.