Bus Only Lanes

Los Angeles Times Article - L.A. Public Transit Moves in Wrong Direction

LA Times columnist David Lazarus fights against bus cuts and advocates for designated bus lanes, commuter routes, and a commitment to public transit in order to ease street congestion.

La Opinión Editorial Slams MTA's Bus Service Cuts

"It is time for MTA’s bureaucrats to realize that higher efficiency in transportation does not mean for the passengers to have to wait longer, ride the bus packed like cattle or have a route that takes longer."

LA Times Editorial Slams BOL westside exemption

After a February 2nd vote on Councilmember Rosendahl's motion to study a westide exemption from the Wilshire Bus Only Lane, LA Times writes editorial joins the full Bus-Only lane choir. Read all about it!

Battle for full Bus-Only Lanes continues at City Hall

At today's City Council, the 6-year campaign for Wilshire Bus Only Lanes returned to City Hall. We made an excellent showing and came away with a mixed result...

Street Teatro - Star Wars ep I: The Westside Menace

Here's the press release for today's action, "Star Wars Episode I: The Westside Menace" where we re-cast the events surrounding the fate of the Wilshire Bus-Only Lane project to the theme of the forces of Good and Evil in the Star Wars universe. The Bus-Only Lanes Jedi Council, consisting of Bus Riders Union, environmentalists, transportation advocates, and students, held a press conference, action and street theatre this morning in front of the County Supervisors Building...

Major Wilshire Bus Only Lanes Victory!!

After a 5-year struggle - MTA Approves Final EIR for the Wilshire BOL:

Project to bring substantial transit & environmental benefits to LA County!

Yesterday's MTA Board vote was a historic one for the 500,000 Black, Latino and working class bus riders of Los Angeles who will soon enough benefit from the time savings and reduction air pollution and green house gas emissions projected by the implementation of the Wilshire Bus Only Lanes project.  The project is projected to get at least 2000 people out of their cars onto the bus!

Grab a costume and come to the Clean Air Campaign Halloween Fundraiser Party!

We're planning a night of dancing, costumes and fun to fundraise for the Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Clean Buses Campaign. Come to the First Unitarian Church of LA on Friday, October 29 at 7 pm to support our campaign to improve public transit and create healthier communities!

Voces desde los autobuses

Durante los últimos 4 semanas he organizado para educar y recaudar apoyo sobre el proyecto de carril solo para autobuses de la calle Wilshire.

The Word on the Street: Bring Bus Only Lanes to Wilshire Blvd!

For the past two weeks Bus Riders Union members and volunteers have
been going out on the 720 buses and asking people to write comments of
support for the bus only lanes.  Find out what people have been saying!

The Draft Environmental Imact Report is Out!

Publication/Circulation Date: 
Jul 12 2010