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SYOA Notebook: It is our Duty to Fight for Freedom | August 30, 2010

Lissett Lazo, SYOA Alumni '07 and Community Rights Organizer, reflects on the highlights and breakthroughs of this year's Summer Youth Organizing Academy class. She looks back to her own experience as a SYOA student as a pivotal point in her own growth and transformation as an organizer and young Salvadoreña, Hondureña, Nucaraguense womyn.

Direct Action: Tool for Transforming Society -- SYOA Alumni 2010 Mike Breazell

In our forth annual Summer Youth Organizing Academy, Mike Breazell performs a spoken word piece that takes it back to our "Billons for Buses" Campaign and reaffirms that our fight is not over and nor will we give up what is rightfully ours!

Direct Action: Tool for Transforming Society -- SYOA Alumni 2010 Cinthia Gonzalez

Cithnia Gonzalez performs a spoken word piece, connecting our fight to end the "truancy sweeps" and pre-prisoning of our Black and Latino students at Roosevelt High School with the Chicano Student Walk Outs in 1968 and other oppressed nationality struggles for self-determination and liberation.

Más sanciones por ausentismo escolar| More sanctions for Truancy

Proyecto de ley penalizaría a padres con hasta un año de cárcel | Bill will penalize parents will up to a year in jail

A sus 11 años, Lamont Harrell mantiene intacto el deseo de completar su
educación para algún día poder trabajar "en algo mejor que un
McDonald's". Sin embargo, al pequeño le preocupan las medidas que
penalizan el absentismo escolar. Para seguir leendo por favor oprime aqui. (English translation available also)




SYOA Notebook: What I’ve Learned So Far in SYOA | August 3rd, 2010

Junior Summer Youth Organizing Academy, participant Lamont Harrell, writes about his reasons for coming back to the junior SYOA Program.Hi my name Lamont Harrell and I'm in Junior SYOA . I was in SYOA last year but I decided to come back for 3 reasons. Reason 1: I wanted to learn more about campaigns and I like to organize.

Mapping LAMC 45.04 "Truancy Tickets" by Geograhical Area, Race and Gender

The Community Rights Campaign has created a new map to track the geographical areas and the break down of the race and gender composition of students that have received Daytime Curfew "Truancy" Tickets under the Los Angeles Municipal Code 45.04. This map is an important tool in making the legal case that "truancy" tickets violate the civil and educational rights of the 90% Black and Latino students that attend LAUSD schools....

Movie Screening: 10 Rules for Dealing with Police

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SYOA Notebook: It's Organizing Season Again!! | July 24th, 2010

Summer Youth Organizing Academy participant, Damien Romero, shares his lessons and experiences of organizing with the Community Rights Campaign for the first time. "Organizing for the first time was a very moving experience. Even though I was a bit nervous to be placed into conversation with strangers, the fact that I was able to carry them out was very reassuring as the day went on...."

SYOA Notebook: There are no Small Jobs in Building a Movement | August 3rd, 2010

Karla Chavez is a member and volunteer for the Community Rights Campaign.  She is our volunteer photographer for the Summer Youth Organizing Academy.  She blogs about her role in helping build a movement to end the criminalization of our people and the importance of documenting our work through photography.