Transit Civil Rights and Economic Survival in Los Angeles

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A Case for Federal Intervention in LA Metro 

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We put the picture together and asked the riders what the Metro would not: how hard have riders been hit by Metro’s four-year storm?  What we heard were powerful testimonies that add up to a picture in direct contradiction to Metro’s claims and justifications.

This report brings our voices together to call for federal intervention in mass transit in LA County.  The FTA review must be deepened and must result in a reversal of Metro’s four-year storm. 

Multi-racial, multi-sector coalition indicts LA Metro for violating civil rights of LA’s transit riders by slashing service and raising fares.

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction: LA is the epicenter of the national transit crisis
  • Hit hard by Metro’s storm
    Part One: Slashing transit lifelines, rolling back civil rights
    Part Two: Fare hikes force hard choices for transit riders in hard times
    Part Three: Harmful impacts on riders magnified by LA’s economic crisis
  • Metro’s failure of accountability and social responsibility    
    Metro Accountability Failure #1: Manipulating financial constraints
    Metro Accountability Failure #2: Downplaying, denying harmful impacts
    Metro Accountability Failure #3: Imposing a double-standard for rail and bus service
  • Immediate recommendations: Federal intervention and strong political leadership
  • Recommendations for regional transit expansion
  • National context: Transit operations crisis, the Great Recession, and Climate Change
  • National recommendations


Overview of the FTA investigation campaign on the MTA