Police in LAUSD Schools: The Need for Accountability and Alternatives

Community Rights Campaign in collaboration with the Los Angeles Chapter of Dignity in the Schools Campaign
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2010-10-14_Police_in_Schools_0.jpgPolice in LAUSD Schools highlights:

  • News stories and reports on incidents of misconduct by the Los Angeles School Police Department dating back five years.
  • Reports of police misconduct gathered from over 1,500 student surveys collected by the Community Rights Campaign at 18 LAUSD high schools. They include incidents of excessive force and restraint, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, intimidation, frequent and indiscriminate use of mace and pepper spray on large numbers of students, racial profiling, handcuffs used on students' whose "crime" was being late, frequent searches, and more.
  • Recommendations on principles that should shape the role of school police in our schools, with an emphasis on non-punitive forms of student accountability, decreased reliance on courts and citations, guaranteed civil rights protections, and increased use of public health- and mental health-centered interventions.

Police in LAUSD Schools: The Need for Accountability and AlternativesThe five concrete policy recommendations from Police in LAUSD Schools are:

  • Establish an independent and enforceable Police Review Board made up of parents, students, and community members with the power to provide accountability.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review and assessment with student, parent and community input of the current standards, procedures, and practices of school police including use of force, arrest, role and conduct.
  • Provide detailed and publicly available records of LASPD including but not limited to arrests, tickets, complaints on police misconduct and resolutions to such complaints.
  • Establish an Office of Equal Protection, as approved but not yet acted upon in the 2007 Equal Protection motion.
  • Ensure no collaboration of LAUSD/LASPD with gang database.