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Our weekly radio show on Pacifica KPFK 90.7 FM (Tuesdays at 4PM) with lead hosts Eric Mann and Tammy Bang Luu, features interviews with frontline organizers from across the globe. We’re picking up a large working class Los Angeles audience, and increasingly, a national audience for our live, streaming webcast (http://www.kpfk.org/listen-live.html). We challenge Rush Limbaugh talk radio and offer a punchier, tougher, multi-racial alternative to Air America. It is a show that focuses on strategy and tactics, social movements, radical and revolutionary thinkers, strategists, organizers, and mass leaders--asking the question "What is to be Done?"

Recent Shows

Ai-jen Poo: Domestic workers score major victory in New York, build a national movement

The Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance reflects on the historic grassroots campaign to pass domestic worker rights legislation in New York, the battle to come in California, and the growth of a national and international movement for domestic worker dignity and justice.

Kent Patterson: Massacre of migrants in San Fernando and Mexico's Arizona moment

The editor of the New Mexico-based newspaper Frontera NorteSur talks about the massacre of 72 migrants in northern Mexico by a drug cartel, the culpability of US and Mexican state policy, and the international movement to protect migrants.

Dahr Jamail: BP's propaganda and punishment and the new realities of the post-spill Gulf

The award-winning independent journalist talks about BP's real responsibilities for the Gulf oil spill, the challenges with clean-up and the grassroots fight-back, and the future ecological, political, and human consequences of the disaster and ongoing dependence on oil.

Neidi Dominguez: A youth-led movement for the DREAM Act takes center stage

An undocumented young organizer with the Dream is Coming Coalition talks about today's setback for the DREAM Act in Congress, discusses obstacles inside the movement itself, and talks about where the militant youth-led movement to win residency for undocumented students will go from here. .

Marissa Nuncio: LA's City Attorney cracks down on nonviolent protests for immigrant and civil rights

One of 33 activists arrested in LA for nonviolent civil disobedience against Arizona's SB1070 talks about the hearings this week, where LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is pressing for jail time in an apparent effort to cool political dissent here in LA.

Monique Harden, Jordan Flaherty, Damekia Morgan: From the storm to the spill, the Gulf Coast 5 years since Katrina

Three New Orleans organizers who have weathered the storm in the five years since Katrina reflect on the ongoing struggle for a just reconstruction of the Gulf Coast, stories of hope and resistance, and the battles ahead -- from educational justice and housing rights to the impacts of the BP oil disaster.

Lisa Magana: Behind SB1070 -- Arizona's disastrous adventure in radical conservatism

The backdrop in Arizona to the draconian anti-immigrant law SB1070 is a 10 year record of radical conservative legilsation -- attacks on immigrants and people of color alongside deep cuts to the social welfare state and tax cuts for the rich. An expert on the Southwest and the US-Mexico border breaks down how Arizona got where it is today.

Aarti Shahani: 287g and Secure Communities agreements -- How cops and ICE are working together

An activist-researcher with the Justice Strategies Institute discusses her report on 287g and Secure Communities Program entitled Local Democracy on ICE: Why State and Local Governments Have No Business in Federal Immigration Law Enforcement

Eric Ward: Anti-immigrant forces infiltrate the environmental movement

The National Field Director with the Center for New Community in Chicago uncovers the role anti-immigrant organizations are playing inside the environmental movement, attempting to use population control arguments to advance a reactionary platform

Gary Grant: Shirley Sherrod, racial hypocrisy, & Black farmers

The President of the Black Farmers & Agriculturalists Association, himself the son and grandson of Black farmers, talks about the hypocrisies of the Shirley Sherrod controversy -- how the US Department of Agriculture caved to a fallacious right-wing attack by firing a veteran of the Black civil rights movement while white USDA officials continue denying justice to Black farmers by flouting the federal court decision in the civil rights case Pickford vs Glickman.

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