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Our weekly radio show on Pacifica KPFK 90.7 FM (Tuesdays at 4PM) with lead hosts Eric Mann and Tammy Bang Luu, features interviews with frontline organizers from across the globe. We’re picking up a large working class Los Angeles audience, and increasingly, a national audience for our live, streaming webcast (http://www.kpfk.org/listen-live.html). We challenge Rush Limbaugh talk radio and offer a punchier, tougher, multi-racial alternative to Air America. It is a show that focuses on strategy and tactics, social movements, radical and revolutionary thinkers, strategists, organizers, and mass leaders--asking the question "What is to be Done?"

Recent Shows

Mark Weisbrot: A different kind of national election in Brazil

The Director of the Center for Economic Policy Research and international newspaper columnist discusses the election of Dilma Roussef, former guerilla fighter and political prisoner, as the first female president of Brazil and the successor to Lula da Silva.

Esperanza Martinez: Mayor Villaraigosa, 30/10, and Stopping the Subway to the Sea

Bus Riders Union Lead Organizer breaks down the flaws and false promises of Mayor Villaraigosa's 30/10 plan and his dream of building a Subway to the Sea

Fernando Guerra: Prop 19, Prop 23, and the California elections

A California elections experts examines California state-wide elections, including races funded by landmark spending and ballot propositions with national implications.

Rinku Sen: Race, Obama, and the coming Republic electoral victory -- an Election Day Special Edition

Publisher of the online magazine Colorlines, on election day 2010, discusses the national political spectrum in the wake of Citizens United, the rise of the Tea Party, and the contradictory position of Barack Obama.

Gamelyn Oduardo: Student strikes against tuitition hikes and privitazation at the University of Puerto Rico

A law student at the University of Puerto Rico discusses the successful general strikes against tuition hikes and privitization of the Puerto Rican public education system.

Devin Burghart & Lee Fang: White Nationalism, Citizens United, and the Tea Party

The co-author of Tea Party Nationalism and a blogger from Thinkprogress.org expose the real dynamics within the Tea Party Movement.

Stephen Gutwillig: Prop 19 & the case for marijuana legalization

Against the backdrop of the campaign for and against California's pot legalization initiaitve Proposition 19, the California Director of the Drug Policy Alliance talks about two new studies that show pot-related arrests and convictions disproportionally impact Blacks and Latinos.

Raul Añorve: Seeking justice in the murder of Manuel Jamínez

The Director of the city-wide immigrant rights group IDEPSCA talks about the murder of Guatemalan immigrant day laborer Manuel Jamínez by LAPD officer Frank Hernandez. Community outrage exploded on the streets of LA's Westlake neighborhood in the aftermath of the September 5 killing, and mobilization to demand justice through the prosecution of Hernandez continue.

Evelyn Rangel-Medina & Jennifer Ganata: Defeating Prop 23, Big Oil's Dirty Energy Initiative

Organizers from Communities for a Better Environment and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights talk about the grassroots campaign to defeat Prop 23, a bill backed by Texas oil companies to roll back California's carbon emissions and air pollution regulations.

Marty Hittelman: From the LA Times assault on teahcers to school choice, fighting back against attacks on teachers' unions and p

On the first day of school, the President of the California Federation of Teachers talks about public education at a crossroads -- the LA Times series uses a popular yet controversial analysis to attack LA teachers and undermine the teachers' union, teacher/parent alliances take over management of 29 schools under LAUSD's school choice program, all as the specter of Meg Whitman gubernatorial victory hangs over the defenders of public education.

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