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Our weekly radio show on Pacifica KPFK 90.7 FM (Tuesdays at 4PM) with lead hosts Eric Mann and Tammy Bang Luu, features interviews with frontline organizers from across the globe. We’re picking up a large working class Los Angeles audience, and increasingly, a national audience for our live, streaming webcast (http://www.kpfk.org/listen-live.html). We challenge Rush Limbaugh talk radio and offer a punchier, tougher, multi-racial alternative to Air America. It is a show that focuses on strategy and tactics, social movements, radical and revolutionary thinkers, strategists, organizers, and mass leaders--asking the question "What is to be Done?"

Recent Shows

Bill Gallegos on Climate Change Cap and Trade

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Bill Gallegos
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Bill Gallegos on GW Cap and Trade

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Bill Gallegos, Executive Director of Communities for A Better Environment, updates us on CBE's recent Climate Change Victory against Cap and Trade.

Ash-Lee Henderson on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Ash-Lee Henderson on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Hajo Meyer: An Auschwitz survivor says "Never Again for Anyone"

An 86-year Jewish survivor of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz discusses why his own experience has led him to become a defender of the Palestinian people and carry the message of "Never Again for Anyone."

Vijay Prashad: Can Egypt go from revolt to revolution?

An expert on Middle Eastern and Third World social movements breaks down the contending forces in the Egyptian uprising, with a variety of opposition forces and potential defectors inside Mubarak’s ruling clique jockeying for position. Will the mass movement in the streets succeed in achieving a political revolution?

Saru Jayaraman & Mariana Huerta: Exposing conditions in LA's restaurant industry

Leaders from the Restaurant Opportunities Center disuss a watershed new report exposing the working conditions inside LA's restaurant industry, the largest in the country.

Christina Heatherton: Downtown Blues -- A Skid Row Reader

The editor of a new book, Downtown Blues: A Skid Row Reader, discusses the battles in Skid Row over criminalization of poverty and gentrification that sparked this unique collaboration between Skid Row activists, artists, and well-known scholars like Robin DG Kelley.

Eva Golinger: Dispatches from the Bolivarian Revolution 

The first of a new series "Dispatches from the Bolivarian Revolution" with award-winning journalist Eva Golinger

John Malpede and Ronnie Walker: Los Angeles Poverty Department's new play exposes the costs of California's prisons

The founding director and one of the leading players in a Skid Row-based group Los Angeles Poverty Department discuss their new play State of Incareration.

Eric Gardiner: Resisting grand juries and FBI repression of activists

An organizer with UCLA Students for Democratic Society discusses the latest round of federal grand jury subpoenas attempting to criminalize the work of international solidarity activists -- and the organized movement response.

Kat Rodriguez: Challenging the "Birth-Right Citizenship" bill and the latest attacks on immigrants in Arizona

An organizer with the Coalición de Derechos Humanos in Tucson discusses the latest round of attacks on immigrants in Arizona, including a proposal to deny birthright citizenship to US-born children from undocumented immigrant families and another proposal to exempt Arizona from compliance with any international laws.

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