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Our weekly radio show on Pacifica KPFK 90.7 FM (Tuesdays at 4PM) with lead hosts Eric Mann and Tammy Bang Luu, features interviews with frontline organizers from across the globe. We’re picking up a large working class Los Angeles audience, and increasingly, a national audience for our live, streaming webcast (http://www.kpfk.org/listen-live.html). We challenge Rush Limbaugh talk radio and offer a punchier, tougher, multi-racial alternative to Air America. It is a show that focuses on strategy and tactics, social movements, radical and revolutionary thinkers, strategists, organizers, and mass leaders--asking the question "What is to be Done?"

Recent Shows

LisaGay Hamilton on activism and her work film, TV, and theater

Lisa discusses her struggle as an activist who is pushing back against the stereotyping and misrepresentation of people of color in the film, TV, and theater industry.

Aris Anagnos: Greece, Europe, and the continuing world economic crises and the impacts on left movements.

The on-going world economic crisis, particularly in Greece, and the impact it has on the work of building left social movements.

Tammy Luu and Francisca Porchas: Their Report from the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainability

Listen to the report back from Tammy Luu and Francisca Porchas who attended the People's Summit in Rio as two of thousands of activists from around the world who went to Rio to put pressure on the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainability.

Betsy Estudillo on the Dreamers' national victory: Pressuring Obama to stop deportations of 1 million undocumented youth

Betsy Estudillo, an organizer with Dream Team Los Angeles, helps us assess the recent national victory that the Dreamers won from the Obama administration--an executive order stopping deportations of undocumented youth.

Evelyn Servin, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, and Ingrid Chapman: The grassroot struggle against Alabama's anti-immigration laws

Evelyn Servin, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, and Ingrid Chapman tell us about the intense struggle that's been happening in the state of Alabama against some of the most vicious anti-immigration state laws in the country.

Damon Azali and Leonardo Vilchis: The 1992 L.A. Rebellion and its impacts 20 years later

Damon Azali of the Strategy Center’s Community Rights Campaign, and Leanardo Vilchis director of the Union de Vecinos de Pico-Aliso discuss, the 20th anniversary of the LA Rebellion of 1992.

Glen Ford on the murder of Trayvon Martin

Glen Ford comments on Trayvon Martin and the latest developments in the case. Glen helps us understand Trayvon's murder in a larger political context.

Hamid Khan On Spying Practices of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department)

Los Angeles organizer Hamid Khan discusses the spying practices of
the Los Angeles Police Department as well as Left movement building in
the United States.

Carlos Marentes and Dena Hoff: The Transnational Movement work of La Via Campesina

Carlo Marentes and Dena Hoff are two leaders of the international movement La Via Campesina. They will discuss the upcoming April 17 event called A Global Day of Peasant Struggle Against Land Grabs.

Diane Fujino: Her Bio of Fred Ho

This is the last segment of the three hour round table discussion hosted by the Strategy Center three weeks ago at the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research honoring Fred Ho.

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