Federal charges against Alex Sanchez dropped, case "flawed"

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Alex Sanchez is co-founder of Homies Unidos in Los Angeles which is an organization dedicated to the embetterment and the uplift of disenfranchised youth. As a former gang member, Alex has had played a key role in mediating gang truces. He has been repeatedly targeted by the INS, LAPD, the U.S. Federal Government and Salvadoran national police and death squads.

At dawn on June 24,2009, Sanchez, his wife and two young children were rousted by police and federal agents and Sanchez was handcuffed and accused of gang conspiracy to murder and sell drugs. 3 ½ years later, on at a December 20th hearing, federal prosecutors apologized for previous mishandling of the case and new US attorneys in the case concluded that the case against Sanchez was too "flawed" to go forward, and asked that the charges be dismissed. On January 20, Judge Dale Fischer accepted those recommendations and officially dismissed the case without prejudice. The question now is, will prosecutors re-file the charges against Alex, before the March deadline? Alex discusses the details in this interview.