Sharonne Hapuarachy and Taylor Broom: Fighting "Reconstitution" at Dorsey High School

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Sharonne Hapuarachy, Taylor Broom

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Sharonne Hapuarachyand Taylor Broom help us understand how the LA Unified School District (LAUSD) is threatening to destroy another of LA's historic High Schools in South Los Angeles with "Reconstitution"--a radical and racist restructuring program from outside the school, with no input from teachers or the community, starting with the firing of all the faculty and selective re-hiring.This has happened at many Black and Latino schools across South LA and a large group of Dorsey Parents and Alumni are fighting to NOT let Reconstitution happen at Dorsey. The group held a rally in front of Dorsey on Thursday, September 28, 2012.

Sharonne HapuarachySharonne
is a Dorsey High School English Teacher, English Department Chairperson, and is active in Dorsey's UTLA chapter and
the Coalition for Educational Justice or CEJ.

Taylor Broom is a graduate of Dorsey in 2011 and a Community Organizer with Coalition for Educational Justice.

Taylor Broom