Charles Sherrod, Judith Richardson, Clayborne Carson & Fay Bellamy: The Civil Rights Revolution Remembered: SNCC 50 Years Later

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Judith Richardson50 years ago this week, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was founded at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina in the midst of a blossoming civil rights revolution in the Jim Crow south. SNCC would become one of the most important organizations in the Black Freedom struggle in that period or in any period in US history. In advance of a 50th anniversary gathering at Shaw University, Eric Mann goes in2010-04-13Claycarsonthumb.jpgside the history of SNCC and consider its significance in the era of Barack Obama and the ongoing attacks by the Right of the victories of the civil rights movement. In conversation with Charles Sherrod, SNCC organizer in the Albany Movement and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Judith Richardson, SNCC organizer in Atlanta, Mississippi, Alabama and Southwest Georgia, and later director of the Eyes on the Prize series; Fay Bellamy Powell, who worked in the SNCC office in Selma during the famous march from Selma to Montgomery; and Professor Clayborne Carson, a veteran of the civil rights movement and a pre-eminent historian of the civil rights movement, author of what many consider the definitive history of SNCC, In struggle: SNCC and the Black awakening of the 1960s.

Charles Sherrod