Cecil Corbin-Mark & Dan Lashof: Breaking down the American Clean Energy and Security Act

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2009_08_03 Dan Lashof Cecil Corbin-Mark host Tammy bang Luu

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Obama's landmark federal climate bill, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), passed the House at the end of June. As the bill has progressed, the debate among environmentalists over whether or not to support the bill has deepened, with the bill's market-based "cap and trade" mechanism at the heart of the controvesy. Those in favor say the bill contains far more good than bad and is a major step in the right direction, while those opposed say the bill is little more than a bait and switch scheme that risks great harm in the face of an urgent climate crisis. We bring back Cecil Corbin-Mark from Harlem environmental justice organization WE-ACT to discuss the issue with Dan Lashof from the Natural Resources Defense Council.
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