S.E. Anderson & Horace Campbell: Obama's Africa Visit and the Reparations Movement

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2009-07-20 SE_Anderson Horace_ Campbell host Manuel

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horace campbell 500x500On July 11, President Obama made a highly anticipated visit to Ghana where he gave a major address on US-Africa relations and visited a slave trade fort with his wife and daughters. Obama’s speech was poignantly personal in moments, talking about his own father’s connection to the liberation movements that swept Africa in the mid-20th century. But the speech made only vague reference to the history of Western colonialism in Africa, made no direct reference to slavery, and effectively absolved the West of responsibility. S.E. Anderson, leading reparations scholar/activist and author of "The Black Holocaust for Beginngers", and Dr. Horace Campbell, Syracuse University African American Studies Professor and author of several books on the politics of Africa and the African Diaspora, discuss the meaning of this speech for the international Reparations movement. How is the US Left relating to Obama and to continued calls for reparations for Western colonialism in Africa and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?