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Some of the shows below have not yet been moved into our website database, but we've made them available for you to listen to here.

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    Hosted by: Lisa Adler, Eric Mann, Tammy Luu, Damian Azali

    Vijay Prashad, Associate Professor of International Studies at Trinity College, organizer, speaker and analyst, discusses the history of the left in the middle east, the political situation in the Indian sub-continent, the current occupation of Iraq, and the "chickens coming home to roost". listen

    Cynthia McKinney, Georgia Congresswomen, discusses the Patriot Act 2 and the tenuous relationship of black people to the Democratic Party. listen

    Goodie Mob
    Public Enemy


    Hosted by: Lisa Adler, Eric Mann, Manuel Criollo

    Carolyn Goodman, mother of slain civil rights activist, Andrew Goodman, discusses the recent conviction of her son's murderer, Edgar Ray Killen, 40 years after commiting the murder. listen

    Richard Moore, director of the Southwest Network for Economic and Environmental Justice, reflects on the life of Chicano Liberation Movement leader, Corkey Gonzalez, who passed on April 12, 2005. listen

    Dorothy Roberts, professor at Northwestern University School of Law and author of Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty, talks about the Right wing's assault on the reproductive rights of women of color. listen

    Lauren Hill
    Freestyle Fellowship


    Hoted by: Tammy Bang Luu, Manuel Criollo

    Clayton-Thomas-Muller, of the Indigenous Environmental Network, discusses the UN Climate Change Conference in Montreal where over 180 nations met to discuss the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and to begin discussions on what will happen when Kyoto expires in 2012. listen

    Kimi Lee, Executive Director of the Garment Workers Center here in Los Angeles,
    Seri Som and Tony Lu, members of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, a grassroots, membership organization of poor and working class Asian migrants in NYC, discuss the sixth World Trade Organization ministerial meeting. listen

    Vijay Prashad, Associate Professor of International Studies at Trinity College, organizer, speaker and analyst, discusses what's up for grabs inside the WTO governmental negotiations. listen

    Elena Popp, Executive Director of the Eviction Defense Network and housing rights lawyer representing the tenants of Lincoln Place Apartments of Venice, discusses one of the largest mass evictions in the history of the Los Angeles Housing Department. She is joined by one of the evictees, Sheila Bernard. listen

    Tookie Williams commentary by Manuel Criollo and Tammy Banh Luu. listen

    Five Stairsteps
    Alice Coltrane
    Cassandra Wilson


    Hosted by: Eric Mann

    Eric Mann discusses the latest critical federal court ruling between the Bus Riders Union and the MTA. listen

    Francisca Porchas, organizer with the Labor/Community Strategy Center, discusses her participation in the rebuilding effort of New Orleans' ninth ward. listen

    Scott Ritter, former Chief Weapons Inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq, discusses his latest book, Iraq Confidential. listen

    Fela Kuti
    Jimi Hendrix
    The Orlean Divo


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Manuel Criollo

    Winona LaDuke from Honor the Earth, talks to us about clean energy and what it will take to move away from Petrochemical fuel sources. listen

    Sunita Narain from the Center for Science and Environment in India, talks to us about the global implications of the Kyoto Accords and the geopolitical positioning of the biggest polluters, namely the US. listen

    Tom Goldtooth from the Indigenous Environmental Network, talks to us about the tactical game plan for the UN meetings in Montreal. listen

    KRS 1
    Duker Ellington
    Mercedez Sosa
    Dazz Band


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann reviews the film The Squid and The Whale, a movie dealing with divorce and the effects it takes on family. listen

    Ken Paff, co-founder of the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, discusses the state of the reform movement with an emphasis on Tom Leedham, reform candidate for the 2006 Teamster's election. listen

    Peggy Ferguson, a member and lawyer for the Point-Au-Chien Indigenous nation in Louisiana, discusses the conditions for the indigenous nations and communities in the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. listen

    Stefanie Faucher, of Death Penalty Focus, discusses the movement that is trying to win clemency for Stan Tookie Williams a co-founder of the Crips gang now anti-gang crusader and Nobel Peace Prize nominee. listen

    Christy Moore
    Public Enemy
    Ali Fakar Toure


    Hosted by: Tammy Luu, Manuel Criollo

    Behzad Yaghmaian, professor and author of Embracing the Infidel: Stories of Muslim Migrants on the Journey West, speaks to us about the recent uprisings in France led by predominantly African and Muslim communities that face racism, unemployment, and police violence. listen

    Assemblywoman Karen Bass discusses California's foster care system and an upcoming public hearing she is hosting on the need for critical reforms in the foster care system. listen

    Timothy Tyson, Professor of Afro-American studies at the University of Wisconsin, discusses the legacy of freedom fighter Rosa Parks. listen

    Arrested Development
    Gil-Scott Heron
    John Coltrane
    John Cherry
    Cuba Mar


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann, reviews the film Paradise Now. listen

    Mary Jane Wagle, CEO of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, discusses Proposition 73. listen

    Phillip Gainos, Professor of Politcal Science, discusses the special election focusing on polling and voting motivation. listen

    Listener call ins. listen

    Rebirth Brass Band
    The Neptunes
    Dead Prez


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Tammy Luu

    Karen Bass, State Assemblywoman of California's 47th district, speaks about Proposition 77, a redistricting initiative that attempts to give a panel of three retired judges the power to redraw district lines in California. listen

    Anthony Thigpen, President of Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE), and director of the South Los Angeles region of Alliance for a Better California, speaks about ABC's statewide voter education and outreach efforts to defeat Propositions 74, 75, & 76. listen

    Eveline Shen, executive director of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice based in the Bay Area speaks about the dangers of Proposition 73, an initiative that would require parental notification for young women seeking abortions. listen

    Rage Against The Machine
    The Robben-Island Prison Singers
    Warren G
    Ice Cube
    Kanye West


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Cynthia McKinney, Congresswoman of Georgia's 4th Congressional District, discusses the Gulf Coast and the Patriot Act 2. listen

    Richard Moore, director of the Southwest Network for Economic and Environmental Justice, discusses with us October's border mobilizations to challenge racist immigration policies such as Operation Gatekeeper, the minutemen, and honors those who have died crossing the US-Mexico border. listen

    Zack De La Rocha
    The Last Emperor
    Erika Badu


    Hosted By: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann talks about the November 6th event, "Challenging Global Warming, National Oppression, and Racism in the Gulf Coast". listen

    Curtis Muhammad, of Community Labor Union (CLU), reports back on the Community Labor United retreat, where over 50 organizations met to discuss strategy and tactics in the struggle for right of return, reparations and reconstruction. listen

    Xochitl Bervera, an organizer with FFLIC--Friends & Families of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children discusses the scandal behind prisoners who were incarcerated during hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans jail system, and the problems found in searching for organization members in post hurricane Katrina. listen

    Saladin Muhammad, of Black Workers for Justice, discusses his recent piece titled, Hurricane Katrina: The Black Nation's 9/11. listen

    Vicente "Panama" Alba, former member of the Young Lords party and long time organizer in New York City, speak's to us about the recent FBI assassination of Puerto Rican nationalist Filiberto Ojeda Rios. listen

    Kenya West


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Damon Azali

    Damon Azali, reads excerpts from Eric Mann's recently released, "Letter in Support of the Movement in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast: Notes on Strategy and Tactics." listen

    Wilma Subra, a long-time environmental activist in the Gulf Coast and President of the Subra Company, in New Iberia, Louisiana, discusses the toxic aftermath of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. listen

    Corinne Carey, researcher for Human Rights Watch, discusses an investigative report recently released on prisoners in New Orleans who were left in their cells for days during the hurricane after prison guards had left the building. listen

    Listener comments and questions. listen

    Mos Def
    Mingus Amungus
    Marvin Gaye


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann, Director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center discusses the man-made disaster in New Orleans emphasizing the direct human to extreme weather link, the re-construction of New Orleans and it's discriminatory plan to extradite it's people of color. listen

    Beverly Wright, a leading scholar and activist in the environmental justice movement, speaks about the environmental causes and impacts of the recent destruction on the Gulf Coast. listen

    Malcolm Suber, of the People's Hurricane Relief Fund discusses the People's Oversight Committee and it's purpose of overseeing all aspects of recovery and reconstruction for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. listen

    Bill Fletcher, president of TransAfrica, discusses the state of the Black Liberation Movement and its reaction and responsibilities to the recent events in the Gulf Coast. listen

    Les Nubians
    Nina Simone
    Jill Scott
    Hermanos Ayala
    Oliver Nelson


    Hosted by: Eric Mann, Damon Azali

    Glen Ford co-publisher of the Black Commentator discusses the recent events in the Gulf Coast, focusing on the Right of Return for those who have been forced out. listen


    Curtis Muhammad, former S.N.C.C organizer and co-founder of Community Labor Union (CLU) discusses CLU and it's current on-the-ground role in New Orleans; on organizing for relief as well as for the inclusion and participation of all evacuees in the rebuilding and reconstruction efforts, and the People's Hurricane Fund that will be directed and administered by New Orleanian evacuees. listen


    Xochitl Bervera, an organizer with FFLIC--Friends & Families of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children discusses FFLIC and their tireless search to find members who have been displaced by the hurricane, as well as finding temporary homes for those displaced members. listen



    Femi Kuti

    Kenya West

    Willie Bobo

    Erik B. and Rakim

    Tijuana No

    Bobby Matos


    Hosted by: Tammy Bang Luu, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann discusses "Urumbulo" or "Let's Talk Politics," the radical (at this point in history) slogan of the African National Congress of South Africa, and apply it to the urgent need for political debate, engagement, and theorizing on the U.S. Left. He unabashedly promotes the forthcoming September 1 AhoraNow Forum as a unique opportunity to "talk politics" and urge KPFK listeners to show up this Thursday night. listen

    Vijay Prashad
    tells the history of U.S. investment in systematic destruction of secular progressive nationalism in the Middle East, and how many of the conservative forces in Middle East politics are "Made in the U.S.A." His books include Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting: Afro-Asian Connections and the Myth of Cultural Purity; Fat Cats and Running Dogs; The Karma of Brown Folk; Keeping Up with the Dow Jones; and The Fifth Afghan War, Imperialism, and Other Assorted Fundamentalisms. listen

    Lian Hurst Mann
    , is the editor of the AhoraNow document series published by the Labor/Community Strategy Center. She discusses her recent article in it, Socialist Feminism: Reflections after 30 Years, that explores the difficult effort to intertwine into one fight the cries for women's liberation and national liberation with her own continuing commitment to the socialist project in the context of a world revolution against U.S. imperialism. listen

    Nothing Less than Freedom, O-Maya
    Palestinian Freedom Song
    Can't Live This Way, Dialated Peoples
    Viva Tirado, El Chicano


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Manuel Criollo

    Toufic Haddad is a Palestinian-American activist and writer, and co-founder of the Beit Jibrin Cultural Center - Handala, a progressive educational youth and community center located in the Beit Jibrin Refugee Camp in the West Bank. He is also co-editor of "Between the Lines" magazine, a monthly journal which presents a radical analysis of the political economic and cultural realities in both Palestinian and Israeli societies with emphasis on the relationships between the national, class, race and gender oppression within the context of the Jewish-Zionist state and the New World Order. He is currently in the Gaza Strip covering the Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian land occuppied since 1967. listen

    Kali Akuno, organizer for the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and the Jericho Amnesty Movement, will talk with us about Black political prisoners inside the U.S.and the efforts to free them. listen

    Francisca Porchas, an organizer for the Labor/Community Strategy Center's Let My People Breathe Campaign and Mark-Anthony Johnson from the Bus Riders Union Planning Committee recently talk about their recent experience as delegates to the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, and the lessons they learned from the mouths of the people in the African Diaspora. listen

    Jakada Imani, Field Director for Books Not Bars, gives an update on what they are currently doing to close the California Youth Authority facility CHAD which has some of the most horrible conditions in California prisons and has been the target for the statewide Education Not Incarceration campaign. listen

    Houria, Soaud Massi
    What U Got For Me?, Tumi and the Volume
    Afro, Blue Mongo and Tito
    Je'nwi Temi, Fela Kuti


    Hosted by: Tammy Bang Luu, Manuel Criollo

    Daniel Won-gu Kim and Phyllis Hyonchong Kim speak from Seoul, Korea as they join the nation's celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Korean Peninsula's 1945 liberation from Japanese Colonialism. This marks the first time a delegation from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) joined the celebration in Seoul. listen

    Fred Hampton Jr. speaks on his father Fred Hampton Sr., Leader for the Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party, and discusses the Prisoners of Conscience Committee and the black liberation movement. listen

    The hour closes with a look at Capoeira Angola, its history and current form as resistance, martial arts and cultural expression. listen

    Our Country, Our Country
    Behind Enemy Lines, Dead Prez
    Capoeira, Maestre Moraes
    Umi Says, Mos Def

    8/8/05 Hosted by: Damon Azali, Manuel Criollo

    This edition of Voices from the Front Lines celebrates Black August, starting with a very special commentary by Mumia Abu-Jamal that was recorded for Black August 2004. listen

    Saki Hall, of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, talks about the history of Black August as well as the concert that they will be taking to Tanzania, Africa at the end of this month to commemorate the resistance of Black people. listen

    Randy Holland, Director and Producer of the documentary about the 1965 Watts Rebellions called The Fire This Time: Why Los Angeles Burned, and Dr. Ernest Smith, instructor at Drew Medical University and a lead advocate after the Watts Rebellion to construct King/Drew General Hospital, discuss the up coming showing of this film and how many of the causes that sparked the rebellion are still with us today. listen


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Manuel Criollo

    Elise Buik, President CEO of United Way of Greater Los Angeles, talks about the study commissioned along with the Los Angeles Urban League called "The State of Black Los Angeles." listen

    Otis Cavers, a contributing writer to the progressive Black journal, Our Weekly talks about issues facing the Black community. listen

    Luis Carrillo, lawyer for Susie Peña's family, the little girl who was most recently killed by LAPD on July 10th, talks about the case and about the history of police brutality here in Los Angeles and nationwide on Black and Brown communities. listen

    Songs by:
    Ken Booth
    Black Star
    KRS 1


    Hosted by: Tammy Bang Luu, Eric Mann

    With the 2005 AFL-CIO convention underway, this segment continues the conversation on the future of organized labor as four of the Change to Win Coalition members have opted not to attend the AFL-CIO convention and SEIU and the Teamsters announced their official break from the federation.

    Martin Ludlow, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, on the ground at the AFL-CIO convention in Chicago gives an update on the convention and discuss the implications for organized labor in Los Angeles. listen

    Bob Masters, the New York/New England Legislative and Political Director for the
    Communications Workers of America (CWA), District 1, gives his analysis of the present crisis of the labor movement as well as his critiques of the Change to Win Coalition. listen

    Anna Berger, Chair of the Change to Win Coalition, talks about some of the recent coalition members' decision to withdraw their participation in the convention and the full coalition's vision for what is to be done. listen

    Additional convention coverage:

    Interview with Steve Early, Communications Workers of America (CWA) National Union Representative in New England. listen

    Interview with David Bacon, photojournalist and associate editor at Pacific News Service and.a member of the Labor Immigrant Organizers Network, and author of The Children of NAFTA. listen

    Songs by:
    Femi Kuti
    Willie Bobo
    Eric B. Rakim
    Tijuana No
    Bobby Matos


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    This edition of Voices of the Frontlines is a part of Pacifica's coverage of the 2005 AFL-CIO convention. On June 15th, the presidents of five of the AFL-CIO's largest unions announced the formation of the "Change to Win Coalition," with the goal of revitalizing the current labor movement through reforming the AFL-CIO. The Coalition consists of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), UNITE HERE!, United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the Laborers International Union. Although the coalition consists of only 5 of the AFL-CIO's 57 affiliates, it represents one-third of the AFL-CIO's 13 million workers. At the AFL-CIO convention, being held from July 25-28, the Change to Win Coalition will present their platform and reform proposals. If the reform efforts fail, the coalition will break off from the AFL-CIO, the first split in the AFL-CIO in 50 years.

    Eric Mann talks about the history of the AFL and CIO, providing context for this huge rift in labor history. listen

    John Wilhelm, President of the Hospitality Industry of UNITE HERE! discusses his critiques and concerns of the AFL-CIO, the formation of the Change to Win Coalition and its program for trade union reform. listen

    Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), addresses pressing issues facing the labor movement, his thoughts on why the formation of the Change to Win Coalition was not a good idea and why the "dissident unions" should not leave the AFL-CIO. listen

    Walk on the Right Side, Femi Kuti
    The Mask, Fugees
    Symphonic Revolution, Mandrill
    Buscando America, Ruben Blades


    Hosted by: Damon Azali and Eric Mann

    Eric Mann discusses the difficulty 40 years later to get people to understand the revolutionary struggle it took for civil rights, and yet, why those who were there and still are here must fight to try to communicate to a younger audience, and to address the terrible backlash against the civil rights movement. (Segways into interview with Ben Chaney)

    Ben Chaney, brother of slain civil rights activist James Chaney, who was murdered along with Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, discusses the tragic killing of his brother and the recent trial that took place to convict Edgar Ray Killin for the murder. Chaney will discuss the history of how the trial actually took place and the pressure it took to get it, the history of how the trial was a whitewash to let more powerful Mississippi interests off the hook and restrict the defendant to one man and much more. listen

    Listeners, particularly ones active in the civil rights movement, call-in. listen

    We Are Guerrillas In The Streets, Welfare Poets
    I Find It Hard To Say, Lauryn Hill
    Pull Up The People, M.I.A.


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo and Eric Mann

    For this July 4th, Voices From the Frontlines honors those who have given their lives to the struggle against racism, colonialism, and imperialism. Some segments are from previous shows.

    Eric Mann speaks about Ozzie Davis, the actor and leader in the Black liberation and Black left movements, and then reads Ozzie Davis' eulogy for Malcolm X. listen

    Richard Moore with the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice talks about Chicano civil rights leader, Corkey Gonzalez. listen

    Panama Alba, freedom fighter in New York for the Puerto Rican national liberation struggle speaks on Richie Perez, a long-time New York activist, a former Young Lord, and National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights co-founder. listen

    Eric Mann comments on the passing of Miguel Contreras, head of the Los Angeles Federation of Labor. listen


    Hosted by: Damon Azali

    Stefanie Faucher, Program Director of Death Penalty Focus in San Francisco and coordinator for the statewide coalition, Californians for a Moratorium on Executions talks about the bill calling for a moratorium on the Death Penalty in California. listen

    Richard Moore with the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (SNEEJ), for the last 14 years, has assembled a partnership of activists and 75 grassroots groups from northern Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and California. SNEEJ just had a huge victory, getting Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico to declare New Mexico an immigrant-friendly state and pledge to prosecute illegal vigilantes, like the Minute Men project to the fullest extent of the law. Richard talks about how they won their campaign and how it relates to the wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in California. listen

    Listeners of Voices From the Frontlines call in to tell us what they want to hear more about on the show. listen

    Get Up Get Down, the Dramatics
    They Reminisce Over You, Pete Rock
    When U Gonna Learn, Jamiroquai
    9th Wonder, Digable Planets


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Manuel Criollo

    Kim McGill, an organizer with The Youth Justice Coalition talks about the long history of anti-gang legislation that leads us up to the current gang databases and gang injunctions. She talks about the work that they are doing to take back our people from these most wanted lists. listen

    Jason Zeidenberg, a criminal justice researcher, writer, analyst and advocate for ending society's reliance on incarceration. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Justice Policy Institute, and has served on the California Governor's Juvenile Justice Reform Working Group advocating against the super incarceration of youth of color as well as the inhumane conditions of the California Youth Authority. He talks about the current federal legislation called "Gangbuster" bill. listen

    Alfonso Gonzalez is a political science PhD student at UCLA as well as a member of the Human Rights Committee for Homies Unidos working on a campaign to stop La Mano Dura called "Libertad con Dignidad." He discusses anti-gang legislation and its impact in Central America and Mexico. listen

    Songs by:
    Apani B-Fly
    The Coup
    Native Guns
    Sister Asia


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Damon Azali and Eric Mann review the Don Cheadle movie, Crash. listen

    Lumumba Bandele and Kali Akuno, organizers from the east and west coasts talk about their work on the hands off Assata Shakur campaign. The US Department of Justice has placed a $1 million bounty on Assata, an escaped political prisoner now in Cuba. This particular case intersects many issues and tensions, as it involves the Cuban 5, Luis Posada Carriles, and US relations with Cuba and Venezuela. listen

    Katanja Udengwuu, Community Coalition organizer, talks about an action that they and other groups under the banner of Communities for Educational Equality are doing on the school board tomorrow. They seek to get a resolution passed that makes the 15 courses needed for entry to the state's four-year colleges and universities, called A-G requirements, a requirement for high school graduation. listen

    Voices from the Frontlines listeners call in to share comments. listen

    Songs by:
    Asaata, Common
    Black Roses, Luciano
    Refuse and Resist, Black Star


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo and Eric Mann

    This show is dedicated to the big Mayoral race run-off, between Councilmember Antonio Villaraigosa and the incumbent Mayor James Hahn. In 16 hours the first voting booths will be opening, so most of the show will be open to the public, to hear listeners' views about the race.

    Eric Mann comments on the candidates and their records with the Bus Riders Union and the Consent Decree. listen

    Sandy Banks, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer who wrote a profile on Mayor James Hahn on May 8th, talks about both of the candidates, their past and how this shapes their current run for mayor. listen

    Voices from the Frontlines listeners call in to share their comments about the candidates, the elections, and the political questions they are grappling with. listen

    Gran Combo
    Victor Jara, A Cochabamba Me Voy
    Freddie Hubbard, Carnival
    Confesión, King Chango


    Hosted by: Damon Azali and Eric Mann

    Eric Mann comments on Miguel Contreras, head of the Los Angeles Federation of Labor, who passed last Friday. listen

    Anthony Thigpenn, Campaign Director for the Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor campaign makes the case for why progressives and leftists should support the Councilman for his bid for Mayor. listen

    Julie Butcher, General Manager for Service Employees International Union Local 347 talks about the Relect Hahn for Mayor campaign. listen

    Fernando Guerra, Director of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University discusses Thigpenn's and Butcher's comments, and the Black, Latino, and labor vote. Listeners call in to comment on the upcoming elections. listen

    Michael Franti, Love Will Set Me Free
    Junior Reid, One Blood
    Comanche, Jorge Ben
    Joe Nina, S'bali


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann comments on Warm Springs, providing a race analysis and historical context for the film about FDR. Eric also speaks briefly on Schwartzenegger's anti-immigrant legislation, Bush's plans to wipe out social security, and the new international alliance between Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. listen

    Deborah Orosz, Lead Organizer for the Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Clean Buses Campaign of the Labor/Community Strategy Center talks about recent Bus Riders Union victories: the elimination of the application process for the discounted student bus pass, and the court order to expand MTA's Metro Rapid bus fleet and service. listen

    David Goldberg, Treasurer Elect for the United Teachers of Los Angeles Board and Rebecca Solomon of the Coalition for Educational Justice, both on the United Action slate, a progressive caucus of UTLA, talk about a progressive agenda to fight "No Child Left Behind"and the high school exit exam. listen

    Freedom Cry, Sizzla
    Neptunes v. Timberland, Neptunes
    Don't Sweat the Technique, Eric B and Rakim
    Amessa (A Day Will Come), Souad Massi


    Hosted by: Tammy Bang Luu, Manuel Criollo

    Ruben Solis, long-time Southwest organizer, coordinator of the Sin Fronteras Project at the Southwest Workers Union, talks about the upcoming Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) vote in Congress and the movement they are building to stop CAFTA and the Free Trade Agreements of the Americas (FTAA). listen

    Raul Zibechi, professor on social movements at Multiversidad Franciscana de America Latina in Uruguay, talks about the contradictions, pitfalls and opportunities for Latin America's popular movements as they are gaining influence in the official political arena. listen

    Aaron Tovish, International Campaign Manager for Mayors for Peace Campaign talks to us about their campaign to eliminate nuclear threats. listen

    Broun Fellinis
    Protest music from Venezuela
    Ali Shaheed Muhammad
    No Basta Rezar, Los Guaraguao


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Tammy Luu

    As a tribute to Rodolfo Corky Gonzalez, Richard Moore, director of the Southwest Network for Economic and Environmental Justice, and Kat Rodriguez, Organizer with Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras/Coalicion de Derechos Humanos, talk about the revolutionary Chicano activist who passed away on April 12. listen

    Diane Fujino talks about her new book, Heartbeat of Struggle: the Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama which is to be released at an event with Yuri Kochiyama this Sunday at the Japanese American National Musuem. listen

    Kristian Willams traces the history of policing from the slave patrols of the colonial era to the current militarization and war on terrorism. listen

    Songs by:
    I Wish I Knew What It Feels Like to Be Free, Nina Simone
    Solo Dancer, Charles Mingus
    Brothers Gonna Work It Out, Public Enemy


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo

    Eric Mann eulogizes Herman Mullman, former Bus Riders Union member. listen

    Hamid Khan
    with the South Asian Network talks about current federal legislation on the senate floor, H.R. 418 called the "Real ID" Bill. If passed, the bill would have devastating impacts on the rights of immigrants. listen

    Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) talks about the LA Sheriff's new policy to check jail inmates' immigrant status and the talks of new powers that the LAPD is trying to obtain to detain suspected "deported immigrants" from LA streets. listen

    Christian Parenti discusses his recent piece on the Nation magazine, called "Hugo Chavez and Petro Populism." listen

    If You Had Lived, Sweet Honey in the Rock
    What Will Tomorrow Bring, Femi Kuti
    Pescao, Hector Lavoe
    Keep Gettin' It On, Marvin Gaye


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Today's exciting show takes you from the Vatican, Africa, and back to LA.

    Eric Mann comments on the recent death of Pope John the Second and rightwing moves in the Shivo case. listen

    Jacques Depelchin of the Ota Benga Alliance for Peace in the Congo,, and a regular lecturer at UC Berkeley, talks about the state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his recently published book "Silences in African History: Between the Syndromes of Discovery and Abolition." listen

    Organizers with the Coalition for Educational Justice (, Noah Lippe-Klien, a teacher at Dorsey High School in South Los Angeles, and Yvette Sosa, an 12th Grader at Dorsey, discuss their campaign to end High School Exit Exams at California High Schools. listen

    Caras Lindas, Susana Baca
    Salalé, Vum Vum
    El Grito, El Chicano


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Most of the hour of today's show is dedicated to assessing the state of the AFL-CIO. The upcoming AFL-CIO internal elections have created an important moment of reflection inside the labor movement. The crisis in union membership throughout the country and the declining influence of the AFL-CIO is leading to important debates of where this institution should be heading. Joining us to talk about this issue are:

    Jerry Tucker, a long time U.S. union activist, former Executive Board Member of the United Auto Workers, and a founder of the UAW New Directions Movement. He talks about his recent dispatch on ZNET. listen

    David Bacon, a freelance journalist and photographer who has covered national and international labor stories for many years and who's writings regularly appear in many publications such as ZMagazine, In These Times, and The Progressive. ( listen

    The last 15 minutes of the show is a discussion by Manuel Criollo and Eric Mann setting the context for the first of eight Los Angeles Mayoral Run-off Debates, between Antonio Villaraigosa and the incumbent James Hahn. What's at stake for progressives in this election? Will the candidates feel pressure to move to the right? What are the candidates promising the black community - as they have become key to assure a victory to reach City Hall? listen

    Womanopoly, Musiq
    E'd Oxum, Gal Costa
    Muchacho Ordinario, Joe Bataan


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Michael Foreman, Deputy Director of Legal Programs at the National Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. He talks about a recently submitted federal senate bill, s489, titled incorrectly "The Federal Consent Decree Fairness Act", if passed it would seriously limit the scope and use of the federal consent decrees throughout the country. listen

    Mariana Gonzalez member of the National Alliance for Human Rights in Riverside, California. She talks about the growth of anti-immigrant milita groups in the US-Mexico border, in particular the Arizona/Sonora border, and the upcoming mobilizations to counter the growing vigilante violence in the border for the month of April. listen

    Nicole Lee, lead organizer with Books, Not Bar and the Ella Baker Center in Oakland. She talks about the status of their campaign to shut-down the CYA and a special movie screening of "System Failure: Violence, Abuse and Neglect in the California Youth Authority" shown March 22nd at USC at 6:00 PM. listen

    Shuffering & Shmiling, Dead Prez
    Supermercado, Maldita Vecindad
    Compared to What, Roberta Flacks

    3/14/05 Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Marci Winograd, chair of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, the local chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. She talks about the national and local initiatives to move the Democratic Party from its current crisis of a lack of progressive leadership and direction. listen

    Professor Fernando Guerra from Loyola Marymount University with the Center for the Study of Los Angeles. Prof. Guerra gives us his impressions of last week's mayoral elections result and breaking down what to expect in the second bout between Antonio Villaraigosa versus James Hahn - and more importantly where will the votes land? listen

    Dr. Maya Rockeymoore, Vice President of Research and Programs at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation talks about the Foundation's latest report called "The Social Security Privatization Crisis" and about the Bush Administration's intensive campaign inside the Black Community to push for his privatization plan for social security. listen

    Ghinawa, Bonga
    El Costo de la Vida, Juan Luis Guerra
    In Da Club, Tego Calderon
    All Blues, Miles Davis


    Hosted by: Eric Mann

    Eric Mann talks about Ward Churchill, professor at University of Colorado, Boulder, and the investigation resulting from his strong commentary on 9/11. Eric also comments on the Los Angeles election for mayor from the perspective of the Bus Riders Union and their experience with the candidates. listen

    Erin Aubry Kaplan, Staff Writer for the L.A. Weekly, talks about the Los Angeles mayoral race, specifically the Black vote and the community's struggle within L.A. politics. listen

    Eric Mann and Erin Aubry Kaplan open up the phone lines to take callers' comments on the election and the candidates. listen

    Charlie Parker


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann comments on the Oscars, Chris Rock's politics, and the culture gap between Hollywood and Black communities. listen

    Eric Mann and Manuel Criollo discuss the upcoming Los Angeles mayoral race. listen

    Jeremy Lahoud and Sherard Chadwick of Californians for Justice talk about their fight against the implementation of the high school exit exam, which would particularly impact students from under-resourced schools. listen

    Emma Perez, Chair of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, talks about the investigation of Ward Churchill following his commentary on 9/11. listen

    Footsteps, Tambu Intl. Ensemble
    Voz Como una Arma, Gran Silencio
    Te Doy una Canción, Silvio Rodriguez
    Of the Earth, Tower of Power


    Dr. Richard Baker, Assistant Dean of Research at Charles Drew University talks about the politics behind the attacks against King Drew by the mainstream media and the County Board of Supervisors. listen

    From Vancouver, Canada, Clayton Thomas Muller, Lead Organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, talks about the oil industry and Bush Administration's assault on Indigenous communities and the upcoming Federal Energy Bill and its impact on Indigenous Peoples and Nations. listen

    Young, Gifted and Black, Aretha Franklin
    Reincarnation of a Love Bird, Charles Mingus
    Te Doy Una Cancion, Silvio Rodriguez
    My Funny Valentine, Miles Davis


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann comments on Ozzie Davis' passing, and remembers the actor as a leader in the Black liberation and Black left movements. Eric reads Ozzie's eulogy to Malcolm X. listen

    Kenya Covington with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Michael Gelobter, Executive Director of Redefining Progress discuss the impacts of global warming on the Black community. listen

    Nicole Lee from the Books, Not Bars campaign and the Ella Baker Center talks about the recently agreed upon breakthrough reforms between Community Organizations and the California Youth Authorities. listen

    Damon Azali from the Community Rights Project of the Strategy Center talks about the upcoming vote at the Los Angeles City Council to put an additional ½ cent sales tax for more law enforcement on the May ballot. listen

    War, Bob Marley
    Right On, Marvin Gaye
    Inflated Tear, Raashan Roland Kirk
    Transgresores de la Ley, Tijuana NO
    Respect Yourself, Staples Singers


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann reviews the film Hotel Ruanda. listen

    Vijay Prashad, Assistant Professor of International Studies at Trinity College discusses the US imposed and run Iraqi Elections, and what is expected from its results. listen

    Frank Brodhead, co-author, of Demonstration Elections: US-Staged Elections in the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and El Salvador (South End Press) discusses his recent article in Z-Mag internet article, "Reframing the Iraq Elections." listen

    Fight To Win, Femi Kuti
    Le Monde Est Fou, Balla Tounkara
    The Invasion, Burning Spear
    I'm Not Afraid, Jill Scott


    Hosted by: Manuel Criollo, Eric Mann

    Eric Mann comments on the Bush Administration. listen

    Raul Mahajan, writer, anti-war activist/blogger talks about George Bush's Inauguration speech and its implications. He also discusses the upcoming Iraqi elections, and the US uncovered foreign policy that will primarily rely on covert operatives, designated killings, random acts of violence and terrorist acts as a way to bring down unfriendly governments and maintain US hegemony. listen

    Craig Gilmore, organizer with the California Prison Moratorium Project and an activist with the "No New Jails Coalition" talks about the upcoming Los Angeles City Council vote to support a city wide additional half-cent sales tax to put more police on the L.A. streets, and about grassroots opposition to this measure. listen

    Moving on, Sweet Honey in the Rock
    Talking About a Revolution , Living Colour
    Pass the Hand Grenade, Eric B. and Rakim
    Spiritual, Charlie Haden


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, VFTFL replays an excerpt of his "Beyond Vietnam" speech, which talks about the US's role in Vietnam. listen

    Eric Mann honors the late civil rights leader in a commentary entitled, "Some Things You Don't Know About Martin Luther King, Jr." listen

    Listeners call in to share their thoughts on Eric Mann's commentary and on Martin Luther King, Jr. listen

    Stefanie Faucher of Death Penalty Focus gives an update on Donald Beardsley who is on Death Row in California with a scheduled execution date of 1/19/04 at 12:01am. listen

    Songs by:
    Gil Scott Heron


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Michel Shehadeh, Palestinian activist and member of the Los Angeles 8 talks about the recent elections in Palestine and what it means for the left in Palestine, and also gives an update on the Los Angeles 8 case. listen

    Stephanie Faucher, Program Director of Death Penalty Focus gives an update on Donald Beardsley's case, and inmate scheduled for execution on January 19th. She also talks about their campaign for a moratorium on the death penalty. listen

    Songs by:
    Gil Scott Heron


    Hosted by: Damon Azali, Eric Mann

    Robin D.G. Kelley, award winning author and Professor of Anthropology and African American Studies at Columbia University talks about his new book Misterioso about Thelonious Monk. listen

    Xochitl Bervera, Co-Director of Families & Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) talks about how FFLIC led the fight to close two of Louisiana's five youth authorities, and are currently working on a third. listen

    Songs by:
    Thelonious Monk:
    All the Things You Are
    Brilliant Corners
    Criss Cross
    Bemsa Swing