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The Clean Air Campaign is challenging the toxic assault of LA's 7 million cars by fighting for clean affordable bus transit, bus-only lanes, auto free zones, and stopping highway and road expansion. Read more here.

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    Jul 9 2013

    The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), a collaborative of over 35 community-based and movement support organizations uniting frontline communities to forge a scalable, and socio-economically just transition away from unsustainable energy towards local living economies to address the root causes of climate change on July 9th, sent out a statement in response to the Climate Action Plan announced by President Obama.

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    May 13 2013

    Scientists have spoken frequently over the last decade warning of the rising levels of "greenhouse gases" in earth's atmosphere. The increase in these gases has been linked to higher surface tempatures, increased storm activity and rising sea levels. As Science Now reports, these gases are about to reach a milestone high not seen on this planet since the Pliocene era.

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    Feb 21 2013

    On February 17th environmental groups from all over North America gathered for a historic rally in Washington D.C. for climate justice. The Bus Riders Union, Idle No More, Sierra Club and many others marched here in Los Angeles in solidarity with the groups in Washington. Part of the rally was used to bring attention to continuing opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline.

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    Nov 8 2012

    The attached document is the statement that CJA/Just Transition Campaign groups are putting out post Sandy. It has evolved out of 2 different pieces that Ife, Kandi, and Movement Generation had drafted. It includes a new quote from a Grassroots Intl partner from Haiti and it names us as community groups & movements engaged in developing a Just Transition campaign.

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    Oct 25 2012

    An article from our allies in the Indigenous Environmental Network as they confront California lawmakers about the inclusion of REDD in CA's Global Warming Solution Act. California is shaping policy that will affect not only local but international solutions to the growing crisis of climate change.

More from the Organizer's Corner ...

  • 12/16

    Bolivian Climate Change Ambassador Pablo Erick Solon Romero Oroza speaks about an environmental justice platform that Bolivia and many Latin American nations are demanding for as real solutions on climate change.

  • 11/11

    There is an excellent 7-minute film that travels to Bogotá, Colombia to show you how the city runs a bus-centered transit system that is modern, inexpensive and efficiently moves 1.3 million people a day, integrating bicycles and auto free zones--and all without relying on rail or subways.

  • 10/28

    On Tuesday October 13th, the last of the four public scoping meetings was held regarding the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project to hear from the public around their thoughts and concerns around this project.

  • 10/23

    The Bus Riders Union surveyed LA's bus riders on the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes.  LA riders overwhelmingly support the Bus-Only Lanes project for its anticipated reduction and greater efficiency in bus travel time and improvements in the city's air quality.

  • 9/25

    Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Clean Buses Campaign organizer Sunyoung Yang promotes "CRUDE" for its excellent portrayal of Ecuador's indigenous groups and colonial rainforest dwellers' fight against U.S. oil giant Chevron Texaco. 

  • 9/22

    There are two major breakthroughs for the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Campaign this month.  First on Wednesday September 22nd the city council approved the recommendations made by L.A. Department of Transportation and the MTA to conduct a full Environmental Impact Report for the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project. Secondly, Congress has approved the 2010 budget for transportation which includes the second installment of $13.5 million, awarding a total of $23.3 million of federal funding for the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project.

  • 7/2

    BRU's rally at Mayor Villaraigosa's Inauguration yesterday received extensive media coverage. Along with our allies from the South Asian Network, and the Los Angeles Community Action Network, we were calling on the mayor to reduce his prioritization of police funding over social services.

  • 3/31
    Last week I had the pleasure of being on GritTV with Laura Flanders. I was representing Transit Riders for Public Transportation, the Strategy Center’s new national campaign and I was on the show with other guests from Transportation for America, Transportation Alternative’s Environmental Campaigns, and NYPIRG’s Straphangers Campaign. We began with deep agreement about the dire crisis in transit operations funds across the country...
  • 2/19

    The World Social Forum officially opened with a march. In the heat, in the pouring rain, it was confusion, excitement, celebration, thousands of people packed together in the street. People of all ages danced to the rhythms of the bantucada players (Brazilian street drum corps) while other groups such as the Indigenous delegations from the Andes and the Amazon marched waving the rainbow colored Wiphala flags.

  • 2/7

    To understand how monumental it is for Lisa Jackson to be the new EPA chief, you have to look at history. Traditionally, heads of the EPA have been for the most part white men praised for how much money they saved industry....

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