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The Clean Air Campaign is challenging the toxic assault of LA's 7 million cars by fighting for clean affordable bus transit, bus-only lanes, auto free zones, and stopping highway and road expansion. Read more here.

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    Jul 9 2013

    The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), a collaborative of over 35 community-based and movement support organizations uniting frontline communities to forge a scalable, and socio-economically just transition away from unsustainable energy towards local living economies to address the root causes of climate change on July 9th, sent out a statement in response to the Climate Action Plan announced by President Obama.

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    May 13 2013

    Scientists have spoken frequently over the last decade warning of the rising levels of "greenhouse gases" in earth's atmosphere. The increase in these gases has been linked to higher surface tempatures, increased storm activity and rising sea levels. As Science Now reports, these gases are about to reach a milestone high not seen on this planet since the Pliocene era.

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    Feb 21 2013

    On February 17th environmental groups from all over North America gathered for a historic rally in Washington D.C. for climate justice. The Bus Riders Union, Idle No More, Sierra Club and many others marched here in Los Angeles in solidarity with the groups in Washington. Part of the rally was used to bring attention to continuing opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline.

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    Nov 8 2012

    The attached document is the statement that CJA/Just Transition Campaign groups are putting out post Sandy. It has evolved out of 2 different pieces that Ife, Kandi, and Movement Generation had drafted. It includes a new quote from a Grassroots Intl partner from Haiti and it names us as community groups & movements engaged in developing a Just Transition campaign.

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    Oct 25 2012

    An article from our allies in the Indigenous Environmental Network as they confront California lawmakers about the inclusion of REDD in CA's Global Warming Solution Act. California is shaping policy that will affect not only local but international solutions to the growing crisis of climate change.

More from the Organizer's Corner ...

  • 7/16
    Our allies at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) are launching a campaign to turn the 4th Street segment from Hoover Street to Cochran into a bike boulevard. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic would be prioritized around this low-traffic area that is already utilized as a bike route.
  • 7/12

    The draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project has been released for public review! Over the next month until July 26th, MTA will be taking in public comments online and via mail to be included in the official Environmental Impact Report.

  • 5/4

    On April 19, over 30,000 activists, grassroots social movements, academics, students, indigenous delegates, and government representatives convened in Cochabamba, Bolivia for the first-ever World People´s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. I along with 21 other organizers and activists participated in the events as part of the US Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and Indigenous Environmental Network Delegation. 

  • 4/7

    Streetsblog has been highlighting exciting innovations in New York City that parallel our Clean Air efforts in L.A.: bus-only lanes, bus-centered transit and a car-free Times Square! It's exciting to see these projects developing simultaneously across the country.

  • 4/6

    We met with councilmembers Labonge and Rosendahl because their continued leadership is crucial to making sure the Wilshire Bus Only Lanes project is finalized with final EIR approval by the end of this year. Both councilmembers are on the city council's Transportation Committee. Committee Chair Rosendahl assured us that he will work to consolidate the rest of...

  • 3/29
    In prepration for our upcoming Earthday film event, we viewed a compelling documentary film called Voices from the Front Lines which relates the rich history of the Strategy Center fighting for environmental justice during the late 1980s and early 90s. The Labor/Community Watchdog campaign organized residents of Wilmington, Carson and others in the harbor region to fight the big oil tycoon Texaco and other corporate polluters who for decades profited while poisoning the surrounding Black and Brown communities.
  • 2/17

    This year we're working on raising $10,000 to build support around the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Campaign which is so close to victory. To kick off our fundraising effort, we had our first event on Saturday January 30th--Clean Air Campaign Yard Sale.

  • 1/14

    2009 marks an important harvest of our last 5 years of hard work
    organizing bus riders, local businesses, public health and community
    allies and the local elected officials like former councilmember Wendy
    Greuel and Bill Rosendahl, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard. With the full $23.3 million of federal funding secured, the tide has turned to move the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project into reality.

  • 1/7

    Many of the key lessons of the environmental justice movement from the 80s and 90s fighting market driven policies in local campaigns can illuminate how we can re-shape the discussions around climate solutions in Congress this year.

  • 1/6

    Ever heard of cap and trade or carbon trading? Here's a helpful animated video to help you navigate the basics of market driven false solutions like cap and trade  and why ithey should be rejected as a climate change policy.

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