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    Barbara Lott-Holland
    Mar 12 2015

    A great day for a rally as Strategy Center members joined with over 50 organizations and over 2,000 people as they took over the streets to honor and support women leaders and women's liberation.

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    Jan 21 2015

    As we welcome the new year, we also welcome in a new 2015 Bus Riders Union Planning Committee. After two months of nominations, the elections were held during the January membership meeting.

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    Mar 21 2014

    Join us on Mar 29th as we raise our voices to oppose the MTA's Toxic Fare Increase! We will be calling on Mayor Eric Garcetti and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to oppose this destructive path.

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    Jan 16 2014

    After two months of nominations it's now time for the 2014 planning committee elections. The Bus Riders Union Planning Committee is the leadership and decision making body for the union. It is made up of 5 volunteer members who serve for one year, and 4 LCSC staff members. There are 8 candidates running for election this year. Each candidate has written a short statement to introduce themselves to the membership.

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    Dec 3 2013

    Right now, five key fights are in motion. Your donation will help us immediately hit the ground running with all five in 2014. We can do it with a movement. That means you.

More from the Organizer's Corner ...

  • 6/17
    Dear Mayor Villaraigosa: We are writing to ask you to delay the proposed MTA Board vote to adopt the 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan scheduled for Thursday, June 11. We ask that you move to adopt a new process (outlined in detail below) that allows the public our right to fully participate and give input. We also must register a strong concern about the substance of the Long Range Transportation Plan. If the assumptions of the 2008 draft remain in place-ongoing fare increases, reduction in bus service, billions spent on highway and rail serving more affluent communities-the disparate economic, social, environmental, and mobility impacts on low income communities of color will create another transportation civil rights crisis in Los Angeles County.
  • 6/16

    On Tuesday, June 9th, ten different organizations from across the country, including our allies from Transportation Equity Network (TEN) joined Transit Riders for Public Transportation (TRPT) for their first national Advocacy Day on the Hill.  The first half of the day organizers from across the country met with at least 30 meetings with the staff of congressional leaders. The Advocacy Day culminated with a Congressional Briefing hosted by TRPT and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee member, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano on the importance of greatly expanding permanent transit operating assistance funding in the next federal surface transportation act...

  • 5/21

    The MTA's transition to the Tap Cards undermines the efforts the Bus Riders Union has committed to ensuring public transit affordability and accessibility. The Tap Card purchase imposes a $2 tax/fare increase to public transit that creates further financial burden to low-income bus riders and deters discretionary riders from investing in public transit use. Student discounted bus passes that were readily accessible on school campuses through the Student Bus Pass Campaign victory are threatened by the Tap Card transition as the new Metro Student Tap Card re-instates the application process and limits the venues from which the discounted bus passes can be acquired.

  • 4/2
    Members of Westchester High School's Taking Action rally for 1000 more buses, 1000 less tickets! See the Poem Who am I? performed by student/author Cathia Barrow "Am I really the future as everyone says or just another court case Below the federal poverty line is where the majority is based So how can one afford a $250 truancy ticket for being 30 minutes late Especially since unemployment among minorities is highest in the state Not to mention that LAUSD has a 50% high school drop out rate"
  • 3/11
    It is with much sadness that I share these words with you. On Sunday March 8, 2009, in the early hours of the morning on International Womyns Day, our movement for the liberation of all oppressed people's lost a fierce womyn warrior. Esther was in El Salvador, she had gone home to support the Frente Farabundo Marti in this weekend's upcoming election.
  • 1/31

    Held at our January monthly meeting, this year’s annual Planning
    Committee elections were a window into how members become leaders. This year, two Bus Riders Union members have been elected for their
    first terms on the Planning Committee. Each represents major age groups
    and regions of L.A.’s bus ridership.  Natasha is a mother of 4 boys who
    lives in South LA and Julio is a 21-year old student from the San
    Fernando Valley.  In their speeches, you can hear....

  • 4/25

    We are very pleased to announce that yesterday, April 24th, 2008, the MTA Board of Directors unanimously rejected a series of proposed service cuts to local bus service which threatened the mobility of thousands of bus riders. This important victory comes after 3 months of intense organizing by our members, organizers, bus riders and allies. There are many lessons to be learned from this campaign....

  • 2/27

    Support Superpasajera against service cuts and fare increases!

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