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  • by
    Barbara Lott-Holland
    Mar 12 2015

    A great day for a rally as Strategy Center members joined with over 50 organizations and over 2,000 people as they took over the streets to honor and support women leaders and women's liberation.

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    Jan 21 2015

    As we welcome the new year, we also welcome in a new 2015 Bus Riders Union Planning Committee. After two months of nominations, the elections were held during the January membership meeting.

  • by
    Mar 21 2014

    Join us on Mar 29th as we raise our voices to oppose the MTA's Toxic Fare Increase! We will be calling on Mayor Eric Garcetti and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to oppose this destructive path.

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    Jan 16 2014

    After two months of nominations it's now time for the 2014 planning committee elections. The Bus Riders Union Planning Committee is the leadership and decision making body for the union. It is made up of 5 volunteer members who serve for one year, and 4 LCSC staff members. There are 8 candidates running for election this year. Each candidate has written a short statement to introduce themselves to the membership.

  • by
    Dec 3 2013

    Right now, five key fights are in motion. Your donation will help us immediately hit the ground running with all five in 2014. We can do it with a movement. That means you.

More from the Organizer's Corner ...

  • 4/1

    LA Times columnist David Lazarus fights against bus cuts and advocates for designated bus lanes, commuter routes, and a commitment to public transit in order to ease street congestion.

  • 3/26

    On Thursday, March 24th 2011, the MTA Board met to vote on the first
    part of the proposal to cut 600,000 hours of bus service. The meeting
    and its decision brought on a slew of press coverage.

  • 3/25
    "It is time for MTA’s bureaucrats to realize that higher efficiency in transportation does not mean for the passengers to have to wait longer, ride the bus packed like cattle or have a route that takes longer."
  • 3/22

    The BRU was in the news in the wake of Thursday's announcement of the Federal Transit Administration's upcoming investigation of the Los Angeles MTA. Los Angeles, along with Atlanta, Georgia will be investigated for compliance with Federal Civil Rights statutes.

  • 3/17

    When Univision reporter asked BRU Lead organizer Esperanza Martinez "So what are you protesting today?" Martinez responded, "Primarily we are here today not in protest, but to celebrate an important tactical victory in the fight against the MTA's proposed Bus Service Cuts. This signficant move was triggered by an administrative complaint submitted last fall by the BRU, LACAN, and KIWA to the Federal Transit Administration who will now be conducting a comprehensive on-site civil rights review of the MTA."

  • 3/15

    Breaking News - (Los Angeles, CA, March 14, 2011) - The Federal Transit Administration specified, in a letter in response to the Bus Riders Union (BRU) Administrative Complaint submitted in the fall of 2010, that it "plans on conducting an on-site compliance review of LA MTA this year. The decision to perform this compliance review was based, in part, on your (BRU) complaint submitted to the FTA Office of Civil Rights."

  • 3/5

    Today the BRU Street Theater presented a piece on the impacts of two sets of MTA Bus Service Cuts on bus riders. The piece 'Francisca y la muerte/Death
    Searching Francisca' invites you, the spectator to become an actor and call
    Sup. Mark-Ridley Thomas asking him to take a stand to stop the

    See video here and learn how to take action here


  • 2/25
    MTA is proposing to cut 355,000 bus service hours, including eliminating 11 lines, and truncating or reducing 16 others. If adopted by MTA's Board, these reductions will be implemented in June. The maps below show all the routes that will be impacted under this proposal.
  • 2/24
    A new study by UCLA economist Paul Ong, commissioned by the BRU, finds that MTA policies are squeezing transit riders at both ends. The study reveals that two years after the federal stimulus, fare increases place a burden on transit-dependent people already hit by high unemployment and declining wages.
  • 2/23

    As MTA prepares to cut another set of over 300,000 hours of bus service, the Bus Riders Union has been on the offensive. Read on to see how despite how MTA slices it, their proposed service cuts and recent fare increases are rolling back Civil Rights!

  • 2/5
    After a February 2nd vote on Councilmember Rosendahl's motion to study a westide exemption from the Wilshire Bus Only Lane, LA Times writes editorial joins the full Bus-Only lane choir. Read all about it!
  • 2/4

    Report on Feb. 1st All Region Hearing on the bus service cuts

    Let's be clear: the MTA has declared war on a half million Black, Brown, Asian and working class bus riders.

    Just one and a half months after this last round of devastating bus service cuts, the MTA has aimed their battle axe at another 27 lines- 11 being proposed for elimination and another 16 to be reduced...

  • 2/3

    At today's City Council, the 6-year campaign for Wilshire Bus Only Lanes returned to City Hall. We made an excellent showing and came away with a mixed result...

  • 1/28

    Here's the press release for today's action, "Star Wars Episode I: The Westside Menace" where we re-cast the events surrounding the fate of the Wilshire Bus-Only Lane project to the theme of the forces of Good and Evil in the Star Wars universe. The Bus-Only Lanes Jedi Council, consisting of Bus Riders Union, environmentalists, transportation advocates, and students, held a press conference, action and street theatre this morning in front of the County Supervisors Building...

  • 1/18

    MTA is Proposing to Cut 13 Bus Lines & Reduce Weekend & Night Service on 16 others!

  • 12/1

    Top 10 reasons to come out and support the BRU & LA Human Right to Housing Collective March & Concert on December 1st:

  • 11/22

    In the first successful action of its kind in the nation, Bay Area
    members of Transit Riders for Public Transportation (TRPT), Public
    Advocates and Urban Habitat, filed a civil rights complaint to stop
    $70M in stimulus funds from being allocated to the $500-billion
    boondoggle rail project, the Oakland Airport Connector project (OAC). 

  • 10/29

    Here is a letter that Barbara and I at the BRU sent to the MTA last week on October 19th.  We sent this to MTA as part of the formal public comment process on the Westside Subway Extension. Also known as the "subway to the sea," Mayor Villaraigosa's pet boondoggle project could have a $9 billion price tag that could result in massive civil rights violations of bus riders in particular, the potential disparate impact on hundreds of thousands of low income people of color who ride the bus as the sole or primary means of transportation.

  • 10/19

    On Wednesday September 29th a band of BRU members entered the final Subway to the Sea Public hearing on the draft EIR and set the tone for the fight to come against MTA’s latest politically motivated boondoggle. This was less than week after they had witnessed the MTA vote to cute 388,000 hours of bus service...

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