History of the National School for Strategic Organizing



Best-known as a "graduate school" in movement building, the NSSO is coordinated by Tammy Luu and Lian Hurst Mann and challenges the Heritage Foundation and other Right-wing organizer training centers. Today, almost 100 organizers have graduated since 1991, completing 6-12 months of rigorous 60-hour weeks in the classroom and organizing on the buses.

They now comprise a national network of "long distance runners" who will commit years and hopefully a lifetime to professional, effective left organizing work, with the Strategy Center and other movement groups.Graduates become a pool of seasoned organizers to fill Strategy Center staff organizer positions, others choose to live and work in LA and be active Strategy Center members. Many other graduates go on to work with and provide valuable leadership capacity for groups throughout the U.S.

The Summer Youth Organizing Academy, now in its fifth year, trains antiracist high school youth in action through an intensive 8-week summer organizer-training program of political education classes, bus organizing, and long discussions with mentor organizers. Membership recruitment capacity for all Strategy Center campaigns greatly expanded through NSSO and SYOA organizers-in-training.

We are also currently broadening more formal leadership training classes and experiences to members of all ages who are not in NSSO or SYOA, but can benefit from some of the same curricula developed for those structures.