Free legal clinic

Have you been ticketed or arrested at school?

  • Do you want to file a police complaint about a negative interaction you had with an officer at school?
  • Have you received a letter from probation regarding a ticket you got at school?
  • Do you have questions about a Youth Worksource Center?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

We can help: our free legal clinic 

We can help youth and parents deal with school-based tickets or arrests and answer your questions about filing police complaints. We cannot guarantee legal representation but will provide consultation and assistance to all who call us.

For more information please contact Zoe Rawson at (213) 387-2800 ext. 12

Tell your story

We need your stories to help us build our campaign at LAUSD to stop the educational racism of police ticketing at school. Please call us at (213) 387-2800 to share your story, even if you do not have legal questions.