22nd Annual Fund Drive: Building a Movement, One High School at a Time

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Dear Friends,

There is an untold story behind our spectacular victories this year. High school clubs.

In May and October we won policy directives from both local police departments to curtail one of the most egregious forms of student criminalization in the country: $240 tickets for being tardy or truant. And these high-stakes policy wins were powered by our Taking Action student clubs at 5 LA County high schools.

Our Taking Action clubs can play this role because they are, in reality, movement building institutions. Their weekly meetings of 20-30 are led by our organizers along with students who we have trained as organizers in our Summer Youth Organizing Academy. Taking Action students organize postcard drives in the cafeteria at lunch, they speak at teachers union rallies against attacks on public education, and they organize workshops and film nights about homophobia, gender violence, and Black and Brown Unity.

On many campuses, Taking Action is the only student club that offers a way for students to join a living breathing social movement that is fighting to change the demoralizing pre-prison conditions they see all around them. We consistently attract club leaders, student artists and writers, and students at the top of their class—these are young people burning to lead real change. We are also a beacon for students who are ashamed or outraged at having been targeted by police. They want a place where they can talk about their experiences and be heard.

The word is now out and we are getting requests every month from teachers, students, and principals to start new Taking Action clubs at their schools. We are also seeing tremendous opportunities to organize parents and families. We hope we can count on your support to help us meet the exciting demand and opportunity.

With a donation of $100 or more, we will send you as a thank you gift a copy of Eric Mann’s new book Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer.


Manuel Criollo
Director of Organizing,
Lead Organizer of Community Rights Campaign

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Dear Friends,

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The Strategy Center's Year 2011 in Review!

2011 Year in Review

As part of our year end fund drive every year, we produce a photoreview of our major accomplishments at the Labor/Community Strategy Center for the year.  Please take a look and consider supporting the Strategy Center with a donation this year!

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