Our Campaigns

BRU South LA action

Consent Decree

In October of 1996, the BRU won a landmark civil rights Consent Decree, following the class action civil rights lawsuit brought against the Los Angeles MTA in 1994. The case, Labor/Community Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union et al. v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, was brought by the BRU and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund to challenge racial discrimination in the transportation policies of the MTA. 

Stop the Transit Cuts

Stop MTA's cuts to bus service. Protect civil rights of bus riders by preserving the victories of the BRU’s Civil Rights Consent Decree

Clean Air and Economic Justice Plan for Measure R

bruCAEJ FINAL COVER 02 copy.jpg  

A proposal to greatly expand Los Angeles County’s public transportation infrastructure. The Bus Riders Union has developed the Clean Air and Economic Justice Plan to improve mobility, create thousands of jobs, and impact global warming.

No Fare Hike

After more than a decade of being prevented by the BRU and our civil rights Consent Decree, the MTA has been trying to raise fares anew.  In 2007, the MTA proposed a draconian set of double and triple fare hikes that would raise the $3 daily pass to $5 and then $8, the $52 monthly pass to $75 and then $120. The BRU immediately launched the “No Fare Hike” campaign to stop it.

1,000 More Buses, 1,000 Less Police 

calls on the Mayor to make a complete U-turn to fund social services, not criminalization. A reconstructed social-safety net, more jobs, and more educational and recreational opportunities-these are the foundations for safe and healthy communities. Not more police. Not more "enforcement," or "suppression." Not more prisons.

Student Buss Pass Campaign

we were fighting for a set of demands that, if won, would benefit students, women, and families in particular and all bus riders in general. For students of many ages, crowded and late buses or the lack of funds to pay the bus fare to school contribute to lowered grades, missed tests, detentions, truancy tickets, and dropping out.