President Obama: Enforce, Restore, Expand Our Civil Rights

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BRU's national campaign calls for President Obama to:

1) Find MTA guilty of civil rights violations and order MTA to restore one million hours of bus service;

We are urging Obama to overturn a recent decision by the Administration’s top mass transit official and using the power, under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, to withhold federal funds to get LA Metro to restore the service.

2) Reinstate our right to sue government agencies under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

We are urging Obama to publicly support the restoration of the right of private groups and individuals all over the country to bring Title VI civil rights lawsuits against public agencies that use federal funds in a racially discriminatory manner—hospitals, schools, environmental regulation, transportation, housing, mental health—also known as the “private right of action.”

Let's win a precedent-setting victory for LA bus riders and restore a critical tool for civil rights struggle nation-wide

In late April, we received news that after a year-long federal civil rights review of LA Metro, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) chief Peter Rogoff ignored compelling evidence of civil rights violations in LA Metro’s bus service cuts and effectively abdicated his agency’s responsibility to enforce civil rights law. President Obama’s immediate intervention is needed to bring justice to 500,000 Black, Latino, and Asian Pacific Islander transit riders, but also to send a clear message to public agencies around the country that civil rights violations will not be tolerated by his Administration in any area, whether transit, education, housing, or language rights. At the same time, we are being denied the right to challenge LA Metro’s violations in court because that right was taken away by a conservative majority on the Supreme Court in Alexander v. Sandoval (2001). That private right of action had been the basis for our landmark 1994 lawsuit against LA Metro and 10 years of civil rights victories.

Bringing 20 years of organizing to bear, the Labor/Community Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union are launching this campaign to win a precedent-setting victory for LA bus riders and restore a critical tool for civil rights struggle nation-wide. We ask you to join us in this effort.