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Clark Atlanta University: Environmental Justice Resource Center

Changing climates are expected to raise sea levels, alter precipitation and other weather conditions, harm fish and many types of ecosystems, and threaten human health with a broad set of problems...Those most affected must have a voice at the table in shaping the solutions. Working together, we can achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and impact the future.
The Environmental Justice Resource Center (EJRC) at Clark Atlanta University was formed in 1994 to serve as a research, policy, and information clearinghouse on issues related to environmental justice, race and the environment, civil rights and human rights, facility siting, land use planning, brownfields, transportation equity, suburban sprawl and smart growth, energy, global climate change, and climate justice.  The center is multi-disciplinary in its focus and approach. It serves as a bridge among the social and behavioral sciences, health professionals, natural and physical sciences, engineering, management, and legal disciplines to prevent and solve environmental and health problems.