Community Rights Campaign's Truancy Tickets Flyer Series

The Community Rights Campaign has created flyers to organize students to fight the civil rights and human rights violations they experience on school campuses. Additionally, CRC has created a fact sheet for students who have received tardy/truancy tickets, informing them of their rights and advising them on prudent next steps.

2011-04-08 mock complaint report thumbnail.jpgTruancy Tickets Series #1: Mock Complaint Report for Cleveland and San Fernando High Schools






2011-04-08 mock ticket thumbnail.jpg

Truancy Tickets Series #2: Mock Tickets for Westchester and Manual Arts High Schools






2011-04-08 know your rights thumbnail.jpg

Truancy Tickets Series #3: Know Your Rights!







When you're late to school...does it matter what color you are?Truancy Ticket Series #4: When You're Late to School...Does It Matter What Color You Are?





2011-09-15_LAPD directive thumbnail.jpgTruancy Ticket Series #5: First-round victory - LAPD agrees to back off on truancy sweeps