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People Organized in Defense of the Earth and her Resources

On top of wanting to double bus fares, our Capital Metro wanted to start charging the elderly who were exempt, and double fares for the handicapped. We need a paradigm shift in transportation funding away from highways, for public transit.


Co-Director Susana Almanza talks about why her organization has joined Transit Riders for Public Transportation, a new national campaign of the Labor/Community Strategy Center. 

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People Organized in Defense of the Earth and Her Resources
2604 E. Cesar Chavez St.
Austin, TX 78702
Our mission is redefining environmental issues as social and economic justice issues, and collectively setting our own agenda to address these concerns as basic human rights. We seek to empower our communities through education, advocacy and action. Our aim is to increase the participation of communities of color in corporate and government decision making related to toxic pollution, economic development and their impact on our neighborhoods.