Bus Riders Union's Pollution Watch Series

Breathing in LA's lethal air has serious public health consequences but knowing where and how these chemicals impact our health is an important step to understanding the problem.

How does smog exacerbate asthma? What do toxins from the auto tailpipe do to your heart? How does BRU's transit victories help LA's air?

The Pollution Watch Series answers some of these basic questions and breaks down the impact of transportation policy on our air quality and public health.

Womyn and her lungsgPollution Watch Series #0: What Do You and Your Family Breathe Everyday?




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Pollution Watch Series #1: Which MTA Rapid Bus Lines Help Your Family’s Health? …And Which Ones DON’T?




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Pollution Watch Series #2: Fight for Your Children and Grandchildren’s Lungs




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Pollution Watch Series #3: Did You Know that LA’s Car Addiction Could Stop Your Heart from Beating?




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Pollution Watch Series #4: MTA’s Fare Hike Leaving You
With No Room to Breathe




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Pollution Watch Series #5: Four Life and Death Reasons to Cut 7 Million Autos in L.A. in Half




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Pollution Watch Series #6: We Never Stop Breathing LA's Lethal Air





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Pollution Watch Series #7: Bus-Only Lanes Cleaning the Air






Pollution Watch Series #8: Benzene: One More Reason for Joining the Fight to Reduce Autos in Los Angeles